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Essential Oils | Wellness


oh hey! Hi! I’m Courtney – and this is my husband Jim, and our kiddos Abigail, Mabel, Finn, & Lochlan. We are Gold (Courtney) & Executive (Jim) leaders with Young Living, and we freaking LOVE educating about wellness, purpose, abundance, and essential oils. We started using oils for our family back in 2018, and that…

Essential Oils | Wellness

Diffusing Oils

We absolutely love diffusing oils in our home! But did you know that there are actually three major ways to use essential oils? YEP!   The three primary ways are:Topically (on you skin) Internally (in water, capsules, supplements, etc) Aromatically (breathing it in)   Some choose to use only one way while others choose to…

Home Tour

The Log Cabin Kitchen

We’re finally getting to some progress and reveal pictures today! Yay! In case you missed it, here is the story so far: Leaving Joplin The Kansas City House Finding The Cabin Now we can talk about fixing her up! As you can see from these pictures….(and be thankful it isn’t smell-o-vision…) this house required so….

Essential Oils | Wellness

Oils For Emotions

Did you know that you can use essential oils for emotions? As hippie woo woo as it sounds- don’t knock using essential oils for emotions until you try it! The smell-emotion connection starts in the limbic system, often referred to as the “emotional brain”. This portion of the brain contains the hippocampus, amygdala, hypothalamus and…

Home Tour | Homestead

The Cabin

The story of the cabin. So, let’s see- where did we leave off? Ah yes- leaving Joplin and the Kansas City House. Let’s back things up. As I shared in my Kansas City house post- we knew in the summer of 2020 that we would not be staying where we were. And so we started…

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