We had the most wonderful weekend celebrating Easter with my family! My parents have been here all week and my brother and his wife came down to celebrate with us this weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Saturday so we took full advantage of it by playing outside all afternoon and evening!


When it got dark outside we played Abigail’s most very favorite thing- jailbreak! Jim taught her how to play a while back before the time change because it was always dark by the time he got home from work. So he showed her a game that they could play outside even though it was dark out. Now that time change has happened, she is usually in bed by the time it is dark enough to play, so getting to play jailbreak is a really, really special thing. We taught everyone how to play and had a great time! (It is also why I’m wearing all black. My jailbreak game be strong)

Then on Sunday morning Abigail got to open up her Easter basket from Grammy and Pappy before we got ready to head to church!
IMG_2547 IMG_2537
She got some new polly pockets, a bunny, and this cute little Fisher Price barista set that she has been making me lattes(with no foam, Mom! and with whip!) for me constantly ever since.

No worries- Mabel got a basket too! Her own bunny, some puffs, and some blocks.


IMG_6553 IMG_6545 IMG_6541 IMG_2611
I had to make sure to take a bunch of pictures of Mabesy’s first Easter! You know first born Abigail has an entire photo album somewhere of her first Easter- so here are a few of the Mabel girl.
IMG_2608 IMG_2597 IMG_2595
I had really, really hoped and wanted to get the girls matching Easter dresses. But I ultimately decided not to spend the money on them and to just put them in something that they already had. And then one day this package from my Mom showed up at the front door. When I opened it these matching dresses and sweaters were inside! I could have cried because we hadn’t even talked about it. But it was such a thoughtful and loving thing to do. And how cute is the green and white?! I love it so much.
IMG_2587 IMG_2578 IMG_2570 IMG_2565

It actually rained all morning, but the weather cleared just briefly to be able to snap some outside pictures after church! It was really special not only getting to celebrate with my family, but to also celebrate Mabel’s very 1st Easter!

We are so thankful to get to celebrate this holiday- this day to remember the wonderful news that our Lord and Savior has risen! He is alive!

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  1. So sweet of your mom to send outfits. I swear my mom reads my mind about things I want that I’ve never told her. R was sick all weekend, so we didn’t even get out of the house except to see the dr Easter morning. She tested positive for strep 🙁 I was sad seeing everyone’s Eaater pictures on Facebook because we didn’t get any!

  2. I love the last pic. You all look very coordinated in spring colors and happy. Happiest of all are Jim and Mabel who are totally twinning in their smiles 🙂

  3. A Fisher Price barista set?! That’s just adorable. I had no idea such a thing existed! Sounds like you guys had such a wonderful Easter weekend. Abigail and Mabel both looked SO pretty – love their dresses! And those family shots are perfection!

  4. awww that is so nice of your mom to send the girls outfits! they are so adorable in their matching outfits. abigail with her disney nightie and curly hair, i can’t handle the cuteness. jailbreak sounds super interesting!

  5. I love the green you all wear for the holiday. Such a fun color for Spring.
    And the rain you all had came our way last night. It kept me up all night long!

  6. So special that you guys go to celebrate with your whole family!
    And even more special that your mom sent the girls those dresses and sweaters without you even talking about it. Call it mother’s intuition 😉

  7. So cute! I LOVE their dresses; how neat that your mom sent this to them after you deciding not to get them anything new! I’m a big fan of the green and white… it couldn’t be cuter. Also, Mabel’s shoes are adorable! Your girls are just so cute!

  8. What a great Easter! I am so curious about the game Jailbreak! Sounds fun. Love the family photos. Your pants wouldn’t happen to be from Maurices, would they? I bought some that look just like those you’re wearing and I love it. And the matching dresses…so precious! They look beautiful in green.

  9. You guys appears to be a loving, happy, wonderful family. Love all the pictures. So much love and warmth. Thank you for sharing your special moments.

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