11 Months Of Finn!

Eleven months?! How can this be!? I knew it would all go entirely too fast- and I was exactly right. I haven’t planned a single thing for the little guy’s birthday and am slowly starting to panic since it’s you know- a month away. (and I know he doesn’t care, but I do!)

This month has been so fun with little Finner. Albeit, the busiest one with him yet. I basically live on the floor following him around and fishing out big sister’s little toys out of his mouth and removing him from trying to put his fingers into outlets and cords and everything a baby loves most.

If I’m not doing that, I’m sitting beside his high chair where he sits and eats all the live long day. Bottomless pit, I tell ya.

Anyway- I’m getting ahead of myself!

Finn’s 11 Month Stats!

Size: Not a clue. Wearing size 5 diapers and 18 month clothes. We’ll find out next month at his next week visit!

Breastfeeding: Still happening though quickly reducing. To be honest, it makes me kind of sad (and even more honestly, totally wreaking havoc on my hormones). I had every intention of extended nursing with him just like with Mabel, but I am also fully committed to letting him lead with what he wants. He had been fighting fighting fighting me whenever I tried to nurse and someone suggested that maybe I try spacing out his feedings? So, I did that- and it has completely solved the fighting problem! Unfortunately, that means he only wants to nurse about 3x a day now. Morning, lunch, and before bed.

With a schedule like that, I’m not sure how much beyond a year we’ll make it. Since he is the one initiating that, I assume he will be completely fine with things! Me on the other hand…..

Eating: Has yet to meet a food he does not like. Particular favorites are sweet potatoes, salmon, sausage, peanut butter sandwiches, berries, eggs, chicken noodles, macaroni and cheese, and of course, puffs.

Sleep: Going really well! He has a great bedtime routine happening. He goes to bed around 7 (I was finally able to scoot it back from 630!) and wakes up around 7am. He sometimes cries for a paci replacement, but I never go in there- Jim does it so I won’t get suckered into nursing him 😉

As far as naps go, he has just recently dropped his third nap of the day and now takes a morning and afternoon nap instead. To be honest, I am loving that schedule! He is awake for more time between and I feel like it has freed up a little more of our day.

Loves: Pacifiers, Mom, eating, reading books, bath time, swinging, sort of turning into a stage 5 clinger…so being held.

Hates: Having his diaper changed (recent development. fun stuff), waiting for food, being put down.

Milestones: Clapping, crawling (only army crawling though!), sitting up from crawling, signing “more”, babbling Dada mostly but cries out for Mama when he’s upset.

Looks Like: A little bit of everybody! I love it!

Comparison Pictures:

Happy 11 months, Finn! We love you so, so much!!

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