Baby Spena 38 weeks

Well this past Monday marked 38 weeks of carrying this boy!

Yesterday was the gestation date that Mabel surprised us on(38 weeks and 2 days!), so we have passed that milestone as well!

Grammy and Pappy arrive today, so now we’re really REALLY ready for Finn to come anytime he is ready. Just waiting patiently and plugging along with regular life as if it isn’t about to be absolutely and completely uprooted, ha!

This Week’s Stats!

Progress: Crawling right along….to 4 cm! Still 50% effaced, but I was admitted to the hospital with Abigail when I was at a 4. So I have to say, it feels way better right now to be a 4 with Finn than it did with Abigail, lol! I’ll take all of the “free” and painless centimeters I can get.

Symptoms: Lots of end of pregnancy stuff- swelling, peeing, discharge, baby dropping, pelvic pressure, waddling, more trips to the bathroom, etc etc.

Weight Gain: Up again- apparently my body likes to gain just under 40 pounds with pregnancy. It is what it is!

Size Of Baby: Almost 7 pounds, 19.5 inches! A jack fruit?? A winter melon??

Movement: Yes! But his movements remind me so much of his sisters. Nothing too crazy or painful. Just enough to let me know that he is there, doing good, and will be keeping me awake into the wee hours of the night very, very soon.

Sleep: Pretty good! Lots of crazy dreams and lots of middle of the night trips to the bathroom, but no complaints really.

Clothing: So it’s supposed to be in the 90’s this weekend. THE NINETIES. I’m not sure how to even dress at this point. If you stop by I might be in my swimsuit or something.

Purchases: Um, just some gel soothies for the early nursing days and a lot of Spicy Chicken Sandwiches from Chick Fil A.

Looking Forward To: Grammy and Pappy finally being here! And also, having a baby!

I think( I *think*) I am almost finally emotionally ready and prepared to do this thing. You’ve been praying for me and my heart and I can tell- the most wonderful weight has been lifting off of me these past few days and I know it’s because so many of you are lifting me and this delivery up. I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to it and not dreading it like I was. Thank goodness!

And just for fun, here is a comparison of Mabel and Finn at the exact same gestation- 37 weeks, 5 days. Mabel was born 4 days later! But, we’re still waiting on Mr. Finn 😉 Anytime now!

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  1. You could alwas visit me in Montana. Its lile 41 with 100% chance of rain the next 2 days ? which is A-OK because it is helping with our fires. The planet is so interesting to me… 90 where you are, 33 (with wind chill) here.

    I cant wait to “meet” Finn over the blog. I know your girls are going to be the best big sisters ever.

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