Spena Baby + Old Wives Tales

Good morning and happy Monday! As you’re all busy reading this post, the three of us will be busy at our anatomy scan and ultrasound(or, depending on when you are reading, we will already know everything there is to know!) 🙂
Of course, we will have all of our family to tell first, so you, lovely blog friends and readers will have to wait until next Monday for a really fun reveal. Until then, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of symptoms that I’m experiencing that are boy vs. girl and let y’all cast those final votes for who you think is going to be meeting us in May!
18 weeks on Christmas Day, 18 weeks 4 days ultrasound morning, so hopefully our little person is very cooperative!
Breakouts: Yes or No
Bump: High or Low
Shape: Watermelon or Basketball
Carrying Weight: Hips/Rear or Out Front
Chinese Calendar: Boy
Craving: Sweet or Salty
Dreams: I have had tons and tons of dreams, but I have actually not had a baby dream(that I can remember) at all!
Feeling: Moody or Happy
Headaches: No or Yes
Heart rate: High or Low. 185 at 8 week u/s, it’s been in the 150’s ever since(same as big sister Abigail)
Morning Sickness: Yes or No
Protein Cravings: No or Yes
Sleep: Right or Left Side. Neither! I start on my side but pretty much always wake up on my back.
My Final Guess: Boy
Jim’s Final Guess: Girl
Abigail’s Final Guess: Girl
The old wives tales seem to be fairly divided and we all have a 50% chance of being right with our guesses, so we’ll see!
Really, we’re just so so so excited to see our baby and I truthfully still can’t quite believe that any of this is real. Feeling our new baby move and squirm is surreal enough, getting to know WHO they are, to give them a name and their own special identity. We just can’t wait 🙂

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  1. Gosh, this is HARD! I'm feeling boy for you too, but honestly, have no real clue, lol! The Chinese calendar said boy for me, and it's a girl this time around, so it was wrong. But it was right with Caleb, so who knows! Can't wait to find out:)

  2. At first I was thinking boy because it would round out your family so well. But I'm really thinking girl. Can't wait to find out.

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