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Wellness Guide For Little Ones

First things first! I am not a medical professional. I have never claimed to be and I would never pretend to be either. I am just a passionate mama bear who wants to take the very best care of her babies and thought it might be helpful to share some of the things we use/have used recently/like to keep on hand!

Wellness Guide For Little Ones

Daily Use:

Some of the things we do to stay above the wellness line and care for our bodies each and every day!

Play outside! I can’t stress enough the importance of fresh air, bare feet, and sunshine. I send the kids out to play every day, multiple times a day, rain or shine.

Whole foods! I could write up another entire post about this- but food is medicine. It is supportive, restorative, nourishing, and healing. Choose food wisely!

Water- lots of it! (We have a reverse osmosis water system on our sink and fridge and we love it!)

Supplements- my kids take daily:




TRS Spray

Oils- some we use daily:

Wellness rollers- Thieves, Lemon, & Frankincense

Seasonal support roller- Lemon, Lavender, & Peppermint

Diffusing 24/7 based on need!

We also go to the chiropractor once a month to keep our bodies well adjusted, aligned, and performing optimally. If you’re in the KC area and need a recommendation for an office- I have one for you! 🙂

Below the wellness line:

Earlier in September, both of the boys came down with a cough/cold of some sort- and with Lochlan being only 2 months old at the time, I sprang into action- FAST!

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have all of the items you will need/want to use BEFORE you need it. It’s such a comforting feeling to know that I have an entire cabinet filled with oils and supplements that I can reach for to support my family whenever a need arises. And it will! We’re humans, with functioning immune systems, that need some TLC sometimes.

For Finn:

Lots of water, sleep, and rest!

Upped the supplements! In addition to his daily supplements, I also added in D3, Elderberry, and Super C chewable vitamins.

Increased the oils! Normally I do wellness rollers morning and night, but when they’re under the wellness line I will roll it on their feet + spine every few hours throughout the day.

Detox bath! Epsom salts + oils + bentonite clay + oils in the diffuser in the bathroom.

Thieves chest rub, lots of Snifflease, diffuser in his bedroom during naps and bedtime (this also works as a humidifier!)

For Lochlan:

So much breastfeeding + nose frida!

Gentle oils- Frankincense, Snifflease, or Seedlings calm in baby oil or baby lotion.

Extra trip to the chiropractor!

Baths with Mommy with diffuser running in the bathroom

Shop the post!

Here is a link to a baby/little one wellness bundle if you want to grab any of the items I mentioned in this post! You can grab as many or as few of the products as you want. Let me know if you need any help ordering!

Here are some links to the rest of the items I mentioned too!

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