Happy Fall Y’all!

It has been a while since I’ve done a photo update, so it’s time to break out the mass amount of cell phone pictures that have been accumulating over here!
This fox outfit is everything.

Recently, Jim’s parents bought a lake house. So a few weekends ago, Jim and Abigail headed up to their new place for the weekend and Mabel and I got to have a girls weekend at home. It was GLORIOUS. Holy cow. We went to Chipotle for dinner and then all of my usual spots- TJ Maxx, Target, the antique store. I watched so much Vampire Diaries because there wasn’t a 4(now 5, sniffle sniffle) year old around to keep from watching and the house was SO QUIET. Like, crazy quiet. I’m not sure that I have ever been home without Abigail and it was just bonkers how silent it was. And also how much stuff I got done :p

I still keep accidentally twinning them. It’s awesome. I’m obsessed.

Mabel is ridiculously grabby these days. She’ll rip your hair out and claw off your face. It’s super sweet. But also, ouch.

This might be one of my favorite pictures ever. It’s already an 8×10 up on my wall. Jim has been teaching her how to play baseball all summer and she’s really coming along! She’s finally throwing over hand correctly(most of the time!) and really learning to catch with her glove. Super cool.

Right before Halloween, Abigail’s dance class had costume night. I didn’t let her wear her Strawberry Shortcake outfit yet, so she wore a hand me down Tinkerbell costume that our pastor’s family gave us. It’s so sweet and she looked ADORABLE!

We have had glorious fall weather recently so we have taken advantage as much as we can! One day Abigail had the idea to picnic at the park, so that’s what we did! And while we were there Mabel got to use the baby swings for the first time.

It’s hilarious how different the girls already are. Abigail hated her baby swing from day one. HATED. And I have a picture of her(much older than Mabel now) using this exact.same.baby swing. for the very first time and frantically baby signing “ALL DONE” over and over. Mabel? She loved it. She was happy to hang out in her swing seat until we finally left the park. She thought it was great.

Just like last year, some friends invited us over to carve pumpkins at their place and a great time was had by all. Jim carved a face, Abigail used glow in the dark paint all over hers(it might have taken a few days to finally dry), and I held babies.

We never go to bed before we’ve all gotten an exorbitant amount of snuggles with each other. But, especially with this little love…..

I mean.

None of us can keep our hands off of her. She’s too precious!

Time keeps blazing past and I know that it will be cold winter before we know it, but for now, we’re still loving everything that fall has to offer us here in Missouri!

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  1. I'm new to following your blog but couldn't help but comment…that last pic is TOO PRECIOUS! Love her outfits! 🙂

  2. Your girls have ridiculously cute close, and can I just steal that first fox outfit, haha. I buy every fox thing I can for my kids, to say I'm a little obsessed would be putting it lightly…but I guess my whole family is too, so it's not too strange in my world. Love VD, I did a binge watch a few weekends ago. It was awesome.

  3. Every parents loves there Child… I also love my child so much… My child is now only 4… when he was only 1 then I buy a Baby Swing for him… He really loved it and always with it…
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