The House Saga

If you’ve been following along with  A + Life for a while, you surely know all about our selling our house up’s and down’s over the last (almost!) two years. But, I thought, for new and old followers, a brief walk down memory lane would be good. (Also, a lot of these posts are hilarious- if I don’t say so myself- so I recommend giving them a read!) (Also, also, note to self- bring back more gif usage to blog posts. They’re awesome)

Where it all started:

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And that is where we left things. A cute and lovely updated home by April and a new baby(Miss Mabel!) arrived in the middle of May.

And then, at the end of May, out of nowhere, we started noticing advertisements and promotions for homes in our area. Things like, “there is a shortage of listings! Sell your home today!” and then, randomly, our realtor texted me and said, “I know you just had a baby…..but if you’re still interested in selling, now would be a great time.”

So Jim and I looked at each other. And we looked at our days old baby. And we said, “okay,”

By the beginning of June, our house was back on the market. But unlike the last time, we opted to not house hunt beforehand. We didn’t want to fall in love with a house only to watch it sell before we could buy it. We kept an eye on realtor.com and knew that there were houses that could fit what we were looking for, but never went inside any.

And I never mentioned it here because, just like last time, our house would.not.sell. And it kind of hurts the old ego to admit that. You know?

We had showing after showing after showing after showing.

And the craziest reasons why our house wasn’t “the one”

Too many kids in our neighborhood

Too close to the school- because it would be busy on Friday night football games

Too modern

The bedrooms are too small (our house is 1600 sq ft so…..not sure what they expected…)

Not open enough

And then, one day, in the middle of September, it finally happened. 

For the first time ever, our email dinged and inside was AN OFFER.

Someone had seen our house and they WANTED TO BUY IT.

And we went, uh, holy crap. We don’t have any place to go. So we rushed around and looked at a bunch of listings and finally selected one that we loved(in the photo above) and were ready to put in an offer.

But wait.

In comes a text from our buyers realtor. And they are having second thoughts.

*Oh, now would be a good time to mention how crazy these people were. They gave us a lowish offer, wanted all of our appliances, including washer and dryer, all of their closing costs, and title fees. (I know, right?) So we countered. They were a FHA loan, so we figured they needed more cash than a lower list price so we agreed to give them all the extras but not lower the price. And apparently that made them mad, so they countered with their “FINAL OFFER OR WE’RE WALKING” threat and we were all, bye felicia. So they walked away.


Next day? They’re back again with “THIS TIME IS OUR FINAL OFFER OR WE’RE WALKING” offer and it was the same as the day before just reconfigured, so we countered the same as the day before just reconfigured and they were all, “HMM. Well. We need to come inside and see it again before we decide about 30 minutes from now.” Which is really cool when you have two little girls and all that….so we did and they texted a few hours later “We accept your counter!”

So there’s the story within the story*

But wait.

In comes a text from another realtor who says her client wants to put in an offer(she just needs to show it to her husband in person first!)

So we don’t put in an offer on the cute house we love and wait to see how it all shakes out.

Our buyers back out because- as we’d suspected, they were INSANE and had no money and yeah…..we weren’t actually sad at all to see them go.

Then the second couple comes to see our house and apparently the husband says, “no we’re not putting in an offer because I DON’T HAVE ROOM TO PARK MY RV THERE.”

Let us not forget that our house sits on half an acre.

Anyway. So it all shook out and you know where we were? The exact same place we were when we started back in June. No offer. No prospects. Oh, except now? We had a house that we loved and had to sit and watch and wait and hope didn’t sell to someone else in the meantime.

Annnnnnd back to showings. And more showings. And more showings.

And suddenly:

On November 2nd, a legit non crazy people offer actually showed up. And they were reasonable to negotiate with. And in a day we had an agreed upon contract. What?!

And so we raced back over and put in an offer on our house that was still (blessedly) on the market. And within a day or so had our negotiated contract there as well.

We’ve been through inspections at both places, though we are still working out the kinks on repairs here and there. We’ve had our appraisal, oh, and have I mentioned that our close date is December 1st? Because, that’s like two weeks from today. We have to be completely out of our house on December 1st(that’s the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, in case anyone is keeping track) and we don’t get to close on our new place until December 15th….at the earliest.

But, we’re still crazy excited. After nearly two years of this house saga, the timing has finally worked out and we are finally moving onto our next home!

I can’t wait to give you all a home tour once we finally get in. It definitely needs some work and there won’t be an inch that goes untouched before all is said and done, but it has that amazing old character and charm that you just don’t find anymore AND has all of the things that we were wanting and needing in a new house.

So, now that our big news is out, I can’t wait to blog more regularly about all things house and home related. It’s going to be so crazy and fun!

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  1. Hooray! Our last buy/sell was a little nightmare, but it all ironed out in the end. So excited to see your new space!

  2. Congratulations!! We're only buying, thank you little rental house for making it half way easy, and it's still been a crazy saga. I hope everything goes smoothly on both house fronts for you. Yay for moving!! And the new house looks super cute. I can't wait to see the inside.

  3. Oh friend hooray!!! I am so excited for you!! The people who bought our house in KC were insane with their negotiation, too (not as crazy as yours it sounds!) but it was so stressful and almost a slap in the face as to how nice our house was. So excited for your new place!!

  4. This is so exciting and crazy!!! Buying/Selling is like an Olympic sport sometimes!! I am so excited for you and cannot wait to see the new house. It looks ADORABLE!! And YOU are skinny minny!!!!!!!

  5. oh goodness the ups and downs you guys went through!!!!! sending you allll of my good moving wishes now, because holy cow this is the craziest time i think i have ever experienced!! you guys are troupers!!! yaaay new housey!!

  6. Congratulations!! What a wild housing ride 🙂 Glad you've finally found non-crazy people to deal with and are moving onto the cutest home ever. Can't wait to hear LOTS more about it. Good luck with your move – how exciting that you'll get to move in before the holidays!!

  7. YAY!!!!! SO excited for you!!!! Everything totally happens for a reason and bam! It's finally figured itself out. So excited to see your new house! Things will be a little crazy for a while but it will be SO worth it in the end! Congrats!

  8. YAY!!! How amazing!!! So so so happy for you guys that this finally worked out! Your new home looks beautiful from the outside! I have moved at the holidays before and it's crazy but it's totally worth it. Sending happy thoughts your way for smoothness through the closings! Nothing ever really feels real or done until you sign your life away! 🙂

  9. Congratulations!! I'm sure things will be nuts but you got this mama! Your new place looks SO STINKIN CUTE! I love homes with character so I can't wait to see yours! Good luck with everything in the coming days!! xx

  10. Oh, wow! So exciting! I love how you shared all the drama that went along with it. Those crazy people offers are the worst! We got some of those and they are never fun. Hopes dashed. But, you have it under contract and have a new home to move in to! Yay! This is very exciting. I can't wait to read all about your house adventures. … and of course, see pictures once there are pictures to share 🙂

  11. Oh my gosh, so exciting! Congrats on finally selling your old place, and even more so on the new place! Everything always works out so perfectly in the end!!

  12. First off I feel compelled to mention that November 2 is a lucky day because it happens to be my birthday 😉 So many congratulations! How fun will it be to redo another home?! Ill be following along and cheering you on!

  13. What a crazy up and down story! I can't believe how flaky some people are especially with something as serious as real estate. I love the look of your new home and can't wait to see more! Congratulations!

  14. OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is SO exciting. Congrats!!
    I am SO not looking forward to selling our house when the time comes. We know we don't want to stay here forever, we knew that when we bought it, but now after living here for a couple years we know we don't want to have kids here, and I am sooooooooo not looking forward to selling and attempting to buy at the same time. Ugh. Just not thinking about it right now lol.
    Congrats again! good riddance to the crazy people. Can't wait to see your new house!!

  15. Oh.my.goodness! Your story sounds so very familiar…but I think yours is worse. 😉 Congratulations on the sale and move! Nice to find your blog and your sweet family!


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