August was an amazing month for us! Warm and laid back. A perfect summer month filled with slow days and preparing for the fall and school days ahead!
I have tons and tons of cell phone pictures that I need to put somewhere, so without further ado, here are some of our August highlights!

We’ve discovered that Mabesy loves to be on her tummy. If she starts to act a little sleepy I can roll her over and out she goes(supervised of course!) but I’ve gotten many a blog post written as she sleeps on her tummy right beside me.

She’s still sleeping at night in her Rock N Play and we all still love that thing! It has been an absolute godsend for us and it’s fabulous that we can still use it.

Also, she’s the happiest thing you’ve ever seen whenever she wakes up. Smiles and coos from this girl, always.

Two other places you’ll find Mabel sleeping:

In Mama’s arms

Or in her solly baby wrap.

This month she graduated to the classic carry in her wrap and she loves it even more than she did before. It’s wonderful to keep her close, but my hands are free and she conks right out. It’s a magical sleeping wrap.

These girls are the greatest sisters ever ever. Abigail is the best big sister to her little Mabel and Mabel just lights up and smiles whenever big sis is around. It melts my heart completely.

And of course, this guy is totally wrapped around another girly!

Abigail is growing so quickly. I look at her often and think that I just can’t believe how big she has gotten. Gone are the toddler days for her completely and she is such a big girl now. So tall and thin and grown!

She made this sign all by herself to help her remember to “always be nice”. She hung it up on her closet door all by herself too. The sweetest.

Since that day, she asked me if she could create a gallery wall of her own on her closet door. Which of course I said absolutely! It has grown to a door full of Abigail drawings, creations, and other wise words. I love it 🙂

Sometimes I accidentally match them. So then I have to document it. Also, because I’m obsessed with them.

Mabel does a lot more than just sleep, but who can resist sweet baby sleeping pictures? I know I can’t.

A typical morning scene. All in my bed together while Mabel sleeps a little longer(maybe Mom too) and Abigail gets to play a game or two before we start our day. It’s not for everyone or every day, but it works for us right now!

When I put her in the bumbo seat the ultra drool starts up. I swear she’ll have a full blown foam beard by the time I take her out of it. Working hard or getting hungry starts up the drool machine. It’s insane!

We finally made a visit to our local bounce house! Abigail asks a lot(we drive by it basically every day) but their hours are kind of funky and it just doesn’t usually happen. I’m so glad we finally made it in there!

Grammy sent her some new fall boots. I asked her to strike a pose so I could send a picture to Grammy. This is what she gave me. Oohhhh boy.

This series of pictures cracks me up. It clearly demonstrates just how up in her face alllll the time Abigail is. Though, it’s a little unusual because Mabel doesn’t usually look like “help me” usually she just smiles the biggest happiest smiles you’ve ever seen so I don’t feel like I can tell Abigail to stop. They make each other so happy!

Abigail found this caterpillar in our driveway and just HAD to hold it and let it crawl around on her. Then we had to take a picture and send it to Grandma Jenny because she loves bugs. (Mom, not so much. Not like even a measly little bit)

I put together this clever transportation device to get all three of us to the park one beautiful evening. It worked fabulously- so I highly recommend it :p

Naturally, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it because it was so hilarious and awesome.

(Mabel’s face. I die)

Olan Mills, baby.

One in a swimsuit. One in a diaper. We keep it ultra classy at our house. (I was probably in my pajama’s. Just to round out the trifecta of class)

Her thoughts on Mama trying to take a picture of the cutest Sunday ensemble EVER instead of feeding her ASAP. (Also, proof that she isn’t always a happy and smiling bambino)

After church photo skills.

More unintentional sister matching love.

They make me so happy! I can’t take it.

We had an awesome, awesome visit from my BFF Lauren and her little, Brecken. We did hair and ate pizza and peanut butter sandwiches and talked and napped and it was completely wonderful.

I gave the girls matching pedicures in preparation for our beach vacation and it was about the greatest thing ever.

So that wraps up August! Lots of sleeping, smiling, and adorable Mabel. Lots of crazy, goofy, active Abigail. And a few fun outings here and there in between.

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  1. Give me all the sleeping baby pics. Heart. Melted.
    I think we have a tummy sleeper, too. I'm a little apprehensive to give it a go just yet… As for sleeping on me (or Scott) – always. And the Solly. That thing is a miracle worker. For real. There hasn't been a time we've used it (yet) that I've put Julia in it and it just zonks her right out.

    I adore how sweet Abigail is, especially with her sister. Marcus is always up in Julia's face too! I'm constantly reminding him to give a little space so we can all breath. 🙂

    Have a fabulous weekend with that gorgeous family of yours!

  2. ahhh the ipad for mornings in bed is genius!!! i seriously could've used that idea this morning! haha! and oh. my babies are tummy sleepers, all night all day. i read the whole internet about it [and everything, of course] with my first babe and came to my decisions… but also, mine are so spituppy they'd seriously have choked to death by now! our neighbors had that happen in the middle of the night one night and that's like, my biggest fear! and awww abigail's sign is the cutest thing ever! what a sweetheart!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, Courtney, these pictures are too sweet! Mabel is just the cutest and happiest little girl! I'm so glad you get to spend your days with these two precious girls!

  4. I love all the sleeping baby pics, she's growing so fast! and how sweet is Abigail with her?! The picture of Mabel on the bed propped up on her elbows gets me every time, she's so sweet!!

  5. Oh my goodness! The cuteness. I can't take it. I LOVE that Mabel is starting to smile now too. She is so stinkin' adorable!
    I also wish that I had known about the Solly Baby wrap when Mason was a baby. That would have been SO helpful as well as the Rock n Play (though I don't think that was invented yet lol). It's amazing what they come up with in a few years. But seriously, LOVE your girls!

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