It’s The Little Things

Around 11 today I was standing at the sink doing some dishes. I had just fixed Abigail a small cup of hot chocolate when she climbed up onto the bar stools to sit and talk with me while she drank and I washed.

As I stood there looking at her I couldn’t help but think, I want to capture this moment.
This one.

Right here.
Right now.

Her sweet face. Her hands on her cup. Her hair in that ponytail. The gap in her teeth. The light in her eyes.

So that’s exactly what I did.

Sometimes it just takes my breath away when I stop to think about how much I love this little girl.

I know all of you with little ones feel the same way too.


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  1. I love this SO much! I love that you saw the importance of that little moment and stopped what you were doing to remember it…and I LOVE all of those sweet pictures of your girl! She is precious! Thanks so much for linking up with Ashley & I and I hope you'll continue to join us 🙂 I love your little blog and am so happy to have found it…I'm following along now 🙂


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