And we’re back! It was another amazing Florida vacation and we are already anxiously awaiting and planning next year’s Destin trip!

It’s one super long (sometimes miserable) day of travel to get there, but it is WELL WORTH IT!!! We love to go over Labor Day so we can squeeze out a few extra vacation days- turning the traditional 7 day trip into a 10 day one. It’s. The. Best.

As always, our vacation was filled with tons of beach and pool time, tons of family time, and tons and tons of food. My very favorite type of vacation!

We have been staying at the same condo since Abigail was a year old, so we always love coming back to familiar stomping grounds. (Someone asked me recently if I would put together a blog post of favorite places to stay + eat + do in Destin….so I think I just might!)

It was the absolute best bringing Mr. Finner along for his first trip to the ocean. Last year, we didn’t get to make the trip because he was mere days away from his arrival. So, it was so much fun having him there with us! Nothing like baby’s first toes in the sand!

Our days usually looked something like: Jim getting up with the baby (after I nursed him and got him ready for the morning), a donut + coffee run, and down to the beach with the girls while I stayed up with a napping Finn and got work done. Then we would switch after lunch. Jim would stay up with a napping Finn and I would come down and get beach and pool time in the afternoon!

One evening, Jim and I got to have a date night away at the Henderson Park Inn. He planned this months and months ago and had a lot of fun surprising me with it. We had a fancy (understatement of the year. I’ll probably never have a meal that fancy ever again!) dinner on the beach at sunset and then spent the night at the Inn. We had a slow morning the next day and Finn deserves a large round of applause for letting me sneak away for one evening and a morning!

After an afternoon of beach and pool, we’d all head up to the condo to shower and get ready and head out to dinner! We have a huge list of favorite places to eat while we’re there and I think we hit just about all of them!

One evening, we headed out to the amusement park (when we first started going, Abigail was little enough to call it a “mamusement park”) and the girls absolutely loved it. It was so fun to watch them having the best time!

On our second to last night, my parents wanted a repeat visit to McGuire’s but Jim and I didn’t particularly- so we walked across the street and had an impromptu date night at the harbor walk! The weather was perfect, our meal was amazing, and our little sidekick was pretty cute too 🙂

Then, on our last night, the girls got to have a Grammy & Pappy Build A Bear experience. It was so much fun, as always!

While we were there, we also had beach family pictures taken and I seriously can.not.wait to get those back!! We still have to wait another week or two before we will, but I will definitely be sharing them here once I do!

Until next year!

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