Finn’s 1st Birthday Party

It’s so crazy that we now officially have a 1 year old in the house again! I will be back later this week with Finn’s stats + update (after his well check up!) but I wanted to share some pictures from his actual birthday on the 15th!

It was a super small family gathering (just us, plus my parents, Mimi, brother + sister in law) so we didn’t really have a party. But, we definitely ate cake, sang Happy Birthday, and watched Finn’s 1st Birthday Video that Jim so lovingly put together for him (and me!)

I hired Frosted Cakerie to make Finn’s cake and she knocked it out of the park as always! (You can see some of her previous cakes here, here, and here!)

Finn’s first experience with dessert was a HUGE hit. We had to cut him off because I’m pretty sure he would have eaten the entire thing if we had let him!

It was such a simple, sweet, and special day celebrating our baby boy!

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  1. Wow, say it ant s. can’t believe it’s a year already when you gave birth to a handsome sweet baby boy. Happy first birthday Finn. Your gift is, having a great family.

  2. What a cute party (and cake), and what a beautiful family!! Nothing is better for birthday’s than grandmas and grandpas!! Happy Birthday sweet Finn!!!

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