Baby Spena Week 27

Here we are cruising right through the thick of summer and sailing right into third trimester! How insane is that!?

My weeks turn over on Monday’s, so I’ll be officially crossed over then. Can’t even believe it!

This weeks stats!

Symptoms: So many bathroom trips. Dry cracking lips. A return of the nose bleeds. Braxton hicks(finally? yay I guess?) Some slight ankle swelling. The inability to heal quickly from bug bites(seriously I googled this- it’s a thing)

Body Image/Weight Gain: I had the privilege of weighing in yesterday and clocked in right at 160. Whichhhhh is basically what my weight was when I delivered Abigail(on her due date at 40 weeks) and about 10 pounds heavier than I was at this point with Mabel……and I’m trying so hard not to compare because it is so not even the end of the world…but at the same time I can’t seem to stop comparing myself…to myself.

Jim made a comment the other day when I said something self deprecating and he said, “well. Finn thanks you for it. And so do I.” Which was actually pretty profound. Because, Finn is super healthy and happy and growing so well. I really need to freaking get over the ten extra pounds crap and move on with my lifeeee. And just eat the dang ice cream cuz it’s hot and it’s summer and diets will be here before I’m ready for them to be.

Cravings: Still nothing specific! Coke always sounds good and I’ve really been enjoying our slow mornings with my homemade lattes…..but that’s about it 🙂

Size Of Baby: Head of cauliflower! 2 pounds and 15 inches (that’s from head to feet!)

Movement: Plenty of that! I haven’t found a particular pattern to it- mostly just all of the time. Which! I was reading an old Mabel update and apparently she was the same way. So, that’s fun 🙂 Also, at my appointment my OB said he is head down, with his little booty up by my ribs, and his arms and legs over on my left side. I still have no idea what I’m feeling whenever I’m feeling it, but I was super happy to hear that he is already head down and likely to stay that way!

Sleep: Sleeping good! I’ve been staying up really late at night recently, but the girls have blessedly been sleeping in and our schedule has been letting us take things really slowww in the morning. Which makes up for it!

Clothing: I haven’t purchased anything recently but I have some maternity clothing collabs coming up in the next week or two and I’m super excited about them! I’ve been in a bit of a clothing rut so I’m looking forward to a few new pieces to help freshen things up and make me a little more excited to get dressed of a morning.

Gender: Baby Boy!

Purchases: I mentioned on my IG stories that I just got this thermal henley for this winter, this sleeper with KNEE patches!, and I also grabbed this rugby striped sleeper, and this crib sheet. Have you SEEN the new Cloud Island line at Target?! I die.

I also got him some new sleepers from L’oved Baby. Which, speaking of, I have a giveaway for a $50 gift card running on my Instagram right now-so run over there and enter to win!

Looking Forward To: The girls and I leave for Phoenix tomorrow! I’m ready to spend some time with my parents, eat lots of delicious food, work on my tan(or stay completely submerged in their pool the entire time…that works too), and leave Jim to work on house projects- like the nursery!

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  1. Your pic this week is so adorable, you look super happy, and those booties!
    Whew, stay as cool as you can in Az.

    And its always me about body posi, you have to remember that Abs is (is she 7 now) older, you aren’t the same age as you were carrying her, and Finn is a BOY so you will most likely carry him very differently. I know I am preachin’ and such but if you can, give yourself some grace. (Trust me its hard, super hard, I know). You could hide your scale for the balance of this time and also do blind weights at the doctor. ?

  2. Conor keeps telling me “your growing a baby!” when I gripe about my weight too. So right there with ya! And we leave tomorrow to go visit my family!! So yay!!! Last trip before baby, eek!

  3. Whyyy is the weight such a big issue with baby #3?! Im right there with you mama. I chalk it up to it being a boy and carrying differently but whatever excuse works, right? 😉 In any case, you look beautiful.

  4. I love your booties! So I already weigh more now than I did when I delivered Parker and I’m only 25 weeks. Sometimes I freak out about it but there’s not much to be done at this point! Like you said the diets will be here soon enough.

  5. Dang Target, always enticing me with their cute baby stuff!!! I hadn’t seen this line until now. So cute!

    I know it’s hard to not focus on the weight, but try to give yourself grace. When I was pregnant with Connor, we lived in Scotland and they never weighed me there. I asked my midwife about it and she told me she could tell by looking at me if my weight was a problem and needed to be monitored. It made my appointments so nice because I never feared the scale or the lame talks I got when I was pregnant with the other two because I hadn’t gained the exact amount I was supposed to between appointments.

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