18 Months Of Finn!

So, this kid went and had a half birthday and I am VERY MUCH NOT OKAY WITH THIS. The fact that he is racing toward a 2nd birthday gets a big fat NOPE from this Mama. Nope nope nope.

Apparently he is determined to keep growing and changing whether I’m okay with it or not, so let’s do a little recap of what Mr. Finn has been up to this month!

Finn’s 18 Month Stats!

Size: 25 lb 6 oz (66%) and 33.3 inches (78%) per his pediatrician appointment earlier this week! Wearing 24m/2T clothes, size 6 shoes, and size 6 diapers!

Eating: All the things but would gladly subsist on Goldfish alone if I would let him.

Sleep: Bedtime has been bumped back to 7/715 and he sleeps until 7/730 in the morning. He usually requires a paci replacement around 1130 (usually just as Jim and I are falling asleep…) but then he rolls over and we don’t hear from him again.

He takes a nap after lunch every day- somewhere from 12-3 or so.

Loves: Big time loves his pacifiers, goldfish, his crib, cars, balls, his sisters, snacks, taking baths, the pantry, climbing the stairs, getting into his sisters LOL dolls, play doh, going outside.

Hates: Having his diaper changed, being buckled into his car seat, not getting to go outside, being redirected from something he wants to do (that gets the limp toddler tantrum real quick)

Milestones: New words every day, running around the house- I swear he is growing and changing so fast I can’t keep up with them all! He just went from baby to running child overnight and my productivity level has dropped significantly (hence, the severe lack of blog posts these days)

Looks Like: A blend of the girls! More like Abigail, but expressions like Mabel!

Comparison Pictures:

Funny- I missed sharing an 18 month update for Mabel but I actually have one for Abigail right here on this blog! Yay! You can read it here.

(that time I was a baby with a baby)

Omggggg Mabellllllll!

Happy half birthday, Finner! We love you so much, little boy. Thankful, grateful, absolutely adore you.

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