2 Months Of Finn!

Milestone Blocks

Finn is two months old! There is this weird juxtaposition with a third baby, where you take the time to really, really work to enjoy every single moment with your baby….and yet all of those moments pass by in an absolute flash. Significantly faster than time ever passed with baby one and two! I can’t believe Finn is already two months old. I can remember that mile stone with each of the girls and it felt like it took so much longer to get there than it did with little Finn.

We had his two month check up yesterday and everything looks wonderful with our little guy! So here are some updated month two stats!

Size: At Finn’s 2 month checkup yesterday he clocked in at 11 lb 7 oz (27%) and 24 inches long (83%)!

He is already moving into size 3-6 clothing and has been rocking size 2 diapers for weeks now! He started to get a diaper rash that he previously hadn’t dealt with, so we moved up a size in diapers and that took care of it almost instantly.

He isn’t filling out his clothes in weight but oh my goodness his long legs and feet are busting out the bottom of all of his pajamas and pants! Which, come to find out, he has grown almost 4 inches since he was born! At his appointment, after the nurse measured him and entered in his stats she said, “oh I need to measure him again. I was talking and I think I got it wrong. There’s no way he has grown that much!” so she measured him again and sure enough, he actually HAD grown that much! I had suspected as much but it was crazy to see the actual numbers. Tall boy!

Breastfeeding: Still going strong every 2-3 hours around the clock and it is absolutely one of our very favorite things! We’ve been so fortunate not to really have to deal with any big issues when it comes to our nursing relationship and Finn is a super efficient and happy nurser.

I’ve never pumped or offered a bottle, so I have no idea how much he is consuming per feed, but he’s definitely growing, so it’s all good!

Sleep: We’ve had a few random 4 hour stretches but nothing consistent or predictable. Mostly just 3 hours around the clock. Thankfully he isn’t fussy or difficult to get back down (minus a few outlier nights), so he simply wakes to eat, get a diaper change, and then lays right back down.

He is still sleeping in his Rock N’ Play right beside my bed, but he took a short nap in his crib for the very first time the other day! So maybe in the next few weeks we’ll start working towards a sooner transition to his bed than we did with Mabel….but, then again, maybe not.

Loves: He’s a total paci kid(just like big sisters)! He loves those things. He isn’t tied to one brand or type- he loves them all. He loves his RNP, taking baths(probably because they’re so rare they’re an absolute total novelty LOL), being worn in the Solly baby wrap.

Hates: Waking up hungry and gas!

Month Two Milestones:

Places He’s Been: The month of travel! Finn took his very first trip to Grandma Jenny’s house, which required a stop for milk (it’s only a two hour drive, lol) and took his very first(of four) airplane flight! He visited Mimi and Pa’s house in Florida and was an absolute traveling champion. People kept saying I was “so brave” so travel with a baby that small, but for me it was like a total vacation. He was amazing.

Personality: Definitely laid back and quiet. He has started giving these amazing smiles that just light up his entire face. It’s the sweetest thing ever!

Who You Look Like: Finn definitely looks like a mini Jim when those eyes are wide open! He has Jim’s exact.same.cowlick on his forehead and it looks like he got his bright blue eyes(just like Abigail!) Most people say they think he looks like Mabel, but I think he favors Abigail. I see Mabel through his mouth and chin, but the rest of him just reminds me of baby Abigail!

Finn has still kept his beautiful skin and his hair is filling back in! Yay. He is definitely continuing to grow into his own look.

Comparison Pictures:

Happy 2 Months, sweet Finn! We love you so much, little boy!

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  1. So darn cute! I still think he resembles Mabel more than Abigail. And baths are a rarity here too! Kane got weighed 1.5 weeks late for his 2 month check up, but he clocked in at 14.9 lbs. crazy growing boys.

  2. Gah. He is just the best. What a sweet, chill little man.
    I still stand by my statement that I think he looks more like you!!

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