One Month Of Finn!

I’m fully convinced that time during the first month with a baby absolutely moves at warp speed.

With that being said, Finn is one month old!

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Size: We haven’t had a check up since his two week appointment for a weight check. At that time he clocked in at 8 lb 8 oz, fully surpassing his 7 13 birth weight! But yesterday I had Abigail stand on the scale holding him(because I absolutely refuse to weigh myself at the moment) to get a rough idea of how much he weighs currently and it said exactly 9 lbs! So he is growing! With all of the eating he is doing, the little dude had better be…..

He is currently in size 1 diapers and is already moving into his 0-3 month clothes!

Breastfeeding: It *feels* like he is nursing way more frequently than either of the girls did, but I’m sure that’s probably just my memory failing me. With Abigail I was extremely strict and followed a rigid schedule that kept her on every three hours. With Mabel I did much more on demand nursing and with Finn it has been even more so.

Mostly because I usually can’t remember how long it has been since he ate or how long he ate on either side so I just feed him again. #thirdkid

That being said, he typically eats every 2-3 hours, usually every two for 10 minutes or so on each side. I always have two let downs so I keep him latched until let down number two and then switch him.

Fortunately he doesn’t seem to have any allergies or issues at this time- and for that I am SO grateful!

Sleep: Honestly, I really don’t have any complaints in this department. He has never given me a long stretch, he still eats every 2-3 hours through the night, but he doesn’t cry and fuss about it. He just stirs and wakes up to eat and have his diaper changed and then he goes right back down. So I’ll take it!

We initially had him sleeping in the Snuggle Me Organic in our bed but when we would lay him down flat after he ate he would sound super super gaggy and refluxy, so I talked to his pediatrician about it and we switched him over to the rock n play for now. It has seemed to help him a lot with that awful sounding gagging, but I don’t really want him to sleep in it RNP long term. So hopefully his tummy matures a bit over the next few weeks and we can switch him back to sleeping flat on his back again at that point.

Loves: Finn loves his paci, to be held, to be worn in the baby wrap, bath time(of which he has had shockingly few…again #thirdkid), his big sisters- but ESPECIALLY Abigail, the rock n play, and obviously, lots and lots of milk.

Hates: Being cold!

Month One Milestones:  Part of his cord fell off shockingly fast but the part buried inside his belly button took a good bit longer. Definitely around the two week mark before it finally fell off for good. Finn didn’t have a lot of jaundice but it did settle in his eyes a good bit. The pediatrician said the eyes take the longest to fade from that, so they’re just now returning to white. He also had a few broken blood vessels in his right eye(from delivery, presumably) that she also said would take a while to heal- but they’re finally fading away as well.

We haven’t done scheduled tummy time yet, but he holds his head up SO well when he’s on your chest. It’s pretty impressive!

He definitely still has the gray/blue newborn eyes but I’m really thinking they’re going to end up bright blue like Abigail’s. Though, apparently I was completely wrong about Mabel’s eye color in her 1 month post….so what do I know.

Places He’s Been: We’ve kept to home as much as possible. That being said, we’ve taken him to church(no nursery!), Abigail’s co-op(no nursery!), the park, lots of Starbucks drive thru, sisters dance classes and soccer games, and a date night out to a local restaurant with Jim and I!

Personality: Super super super sweet! He’s our observant, laid back, go with the flow little guy. So far, he’s just along for the ride. I can’t wait to watch him grow and change and see more of what he is like!

Who You Look Like: This is a subject of massive debate! Mostly he looks exactly like a baby Jim. Everyone jokes like “ha ha, they have the same hairline” but they actually do. Jim had a cowlick right in the front of his hairline that made his hair split when he tried to style it up. Finn has the exact same one!

Anyway, I think that he has Abigail’s eyes and Mabel’s mouth and chin. A total split of the two girls.

And just for fun, here are some one month comparison pictures with big sisters!

I think it’s pretty easy to tell who is who 😉

Finn and I have really spent this first month completely in tune with each other and getting to know one another. We’ve been nearly inseparable, just the way I like it! It has been such a sweet time, filled with endless baby snuggles and nursing(one of my favorite things in the world) and watching his sisters love on him and take care of him has been so completely precious too. It has been so wonderful having a baby in the house again and we’re all so taken with little Finn!

Happy 1 month, little guy!

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  1. Goodness he’s handsome! I don’t really do schedules tummy time either, but with how much I baby wear, I don’t really need to and i’m Sure you don’t either!

  2. I love all the pictures!!! The one of him with his hand over his face and the ones of him yawning got me all ???. I just love tiny baby goodness.

  3. That first month is too fleeting!! It kinda makes me emotional how fast it all goes by. Cheers for all the snuggles and nursing sessions (its my favorite too 🙂

  4. What a precious little guy. And thank heavens for blogs as baby books. My poor kids would have very few recorded memories without my blog. I really should get it printed one day. Love all the updates and so glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Finn is one stylish little man 🙂

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