October Loss Awareness

I originally shared this on my Facebook page, but wanted to make sure that this ended up on the blog as well.

I’m sure you have probably noticed by now that October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. I hadn’t planned on sharing anything or weighing in on it this year because here I sit with a newborn in my arms….and it just feels strange to do so.

But earlier today as I was driving around town with my three littles in the car, Carrie Underwood’s song “See You Again” came on the radio. I haven’t heard that song in years, but I have always thought of it as my babies song.

My IVF babies.

And all of those emotions came pouring right back to me- in the middle of a drive to drop off library books and clothes that don’t fit.

So I thought I would share a couple of links from my time dealing with infertility, infertility treatment, and miscarriage.

It isn’t my reality anymore, but it was very real and very horrible for many years. And though I don’t think about it as much as I used to(praise God for that!!) it was still a chapter in my life that completely changed me, our family, and what eternity will look like for me. Because there are 8 Spena babies waiting there!

Today, I am Rachel

Life Lately

D’un Beau Affreux. The Ugly Beautiful 

If you are dealing with infertility, secondary infertility, or miscarriage and need someone to talk to- you can always email or message me. I’d be more than happy to share, listen, or pray for you.

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  1. I started following your blog when you were struggling with this before Mabel. It’s been fun to see the Lord bless your family over these past few years!

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