How We’re Adjusting To Baby #3

So I have three kids now.

How is that even possible? Like, I literally look in my (van) rear view mirror and see it completely filled up with my very own babies and just think, “how and when did my van get so full?!”

It’s absolutely amazing. It’s everything I have ever wanted. It is so completely tiring. But in the best way.

Finn is over 5 weeks old now and we’re in our third week just the five of us- no help around. Our defense has changed from man to man coverage to straight up zone defense. Officially outnumbered by children!

I thought I would share a bit about how we’re all adjusting to having a baby in the house again. Some of you might remember how hard of an adjustment period we had with Abigail after Mabel was born. (I talked about it in this post)

I’ve also had sooo many people ask me how Mabel is doing with baby brother, so I figured I should talk about it!

I’m so, so happy to report that the transition has been absolutely seamless. In fact, our easiest transition yet!

Jim and I were totally overwhelmed and in over our heads when Abigail came along(both of us are in full agreement that for us, the absolute hardest transition was from 0-1) and then Abigail had a really hard time with the addition of baby Mabel.

But this time? None of that AT ALL. Jim and I have done this kid thing before, we’re both totally at ease with a newborn in the house. The girls are already used to sharing Mom and Dad, have each other to play with when we’re busy, and genuinely just love their brother to pieces.

I couldn’t tell you what we did or didn’t do to help make that happen or if it is just sheer luck, but I’ll take it.

Of course, I’ve done this enough to know that Finn is currently in his “easiest” stage right now. Completely portable, sleeps through anything, pretty much content to just eat and be held. And those days are numbered! Though, on the flip side, hopefully as he grows, more sleep for me will be in the future. But I’m not particularly counting on it.

I get asked a lottttt, “how is he sleeping? How am I sleeping?” And honestly, it isn’t horrible(except for a few nights ago when we were literally up every.single.hour. together) because by third baby I have a pretty good system down of how to make things work best for myself. Sure, he is up every 2-3 hours to eat, which takes a good 30 minutes or so by the time I get him back down, but he isn’t up crying and fussing all night. Truly, he’s a sweet and mellow baby, and for that I am incredibly thankful!

For me, with each baby, it has gotten easier because all I have to do is look at my big girls and remind myself how short lived this sleepy season truly is. I have a much healthier perspective on newborn life this time around compared to being a first time mom with Abigail.

As for our days(which I’m planning a post about very soon!) they pretty much look exactly the same as before.

The one thing I haven’t mastered yet is how long it takes to get out of the house. Getting everyone ready, and my massive bags packed, and myself put together takes basically a lifetime. And then as soon as I get that done, it’s time for Finn to eat again….annnnnd then we’re late.

But we’re still doing school, going to co-op(Abigail never missed a week! Woohoo!), have made it to church every week, have our first Target run under our belts, and are back to making our own dinners again now that our meal train has been over for a while.

It’s certainly not all sunshine and rainbows though! I texted Jim the other day that said something like, “WOW having three kids is hard” because…it is! Someone constantly needs something and I’m always holding a baby and I’m certainly not operating at full Courtney speed still(though, greatly improved from my end of pregnancy days!)

I don’t have the hands or time to pick up the house throughout the day like I normally would, therefore the house is a total wreck. The laundry piles are enormous(shout out to Jim for keeping up with them). My Starbucks Rewards card is getting more use than it ever has. The girls are getting so much screen time because I’m constantly sitting and nursing a baby…and yes I could sit there and read to them or be organized and have pinterest worthy “nursing baskets” beside me to entertain them while I feed Finn…but yeah, no.

Last week I had a moment where I was trying to get everyone ready and out the door and I was literally standing in the bathroom, in my underwear, nursing the baby, brushing my teeth, overhearing Mabel proclaim from her bedroom next door, “Moooom I make a hugggeeee messs!” and then the cherry on top, Abigail came in and asked me to pull her loose tooth. Which I did.

And I was just like. Wow. This is three kid life.

Everyone keeps telling me to give myself lots and lots of grace in this season, and I’m certainly doing that! But, I also think everyone craves a bit of “normalcy” after a big life change- like adding a new person to your family! So it has been nice to get back into our regular routine as much as we can manage and are actively working to keep getting back to more and more normal.

Like, I actually meal planned last week. Maybe at some point I’ll actually cook those meals again, ha!

So, basically, the adjustment to three kiddos has been really seamless, wonderful, and lovely. It’s a lot of babies. There’s a lot(lot lot) required of Jim and I right now- I will probably forget to call/text you back, still haven’t finished thank you notes, and will probably be 10-15 minutes late anywhere we’re going(on a good day), but this has also been a really sweet season for our family and I’m so thankful for it!

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  1. It’s great that the older two have each other to play with I am sure that is so helpful! You have a beautiful family “)

  2. Couldn’t agree with this all more! But the laundry… how is it possible that just one extra person seems to triple the amount of clothes washed?! I don’t understand. But it happened!

  3. Such a sweet update!! Glad Finn has been such a fun addition to your family. You can just tell by pictures that his big sisters adore him and that you’re doing a great job with your crew. Being on time with little ones is overrated anyway 🙂

  4. You were made for three kiddos! So glad to hear the transition has been so smooth for you all. And, now you’ve pretty much made me think we need another. 🙂

  5. umm you are amazing. i cannot believe how well you’re rockin three kid life!!! i know it’s not always easy, but i love your positive spirit. it’s a short season, even when it feels the longest… and is there anything more worth it?! nope!!!! i love all these sweet, happy photos and i’m so happy for your fam!!!!

  6. Amen!! Three has been the best transition here too. It definitely has to do with knowing how/what to do because youve already done it before! 1-2 was thee hardest for me, I can not for the life of me actually remember the first year of Brielana’s life, its a blur!

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