A Pinterest Party For Babies

I know that I’ve mentioned a few times around here that I have an awesome group of friends who regularly get together and have Pinterest parties. It’s a super fun concept and you can read more about how we do it in this post! Normally, everyone leaves with gifts, but for April’s Pinterest party the theme was specifically for celebrating baby Mabel Elizabeth and another little girl baby who is expected to arrive a 3 weeks before Miss ME.
This is/was my only “shower”, so I really enjoyed the time to get to celebrate Mabel’s upcoming arrival and the really thoughtful and special handmade gifts from dear friends were amazing too.
And possibly also the three slices of pizza and multiple desserts that I consumed.

Here is a picture of my haul! Mostly handmade but a few store bought things snuck in there, like diapers and wipes(mercy, we are in NEED of those things!), baby wash, a journal, and a Starbucks gift card.

I mean, do I not have the craftiest and most creative friends?! Hangers, onesies, skirts, paci clips, shoes, bows, dolls, and blankets. All so lovingly made and thoughtfully given. So super sweet and special!

Which item is your favorite? I couldn’t possibly choose! Have you ever made handmade baby gifts before?

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  1. Oh the bows. I have to say, having a girl has sparked a new obsession for me. I want all the bows!!! But all of your gifts look absolutely adorable, and the thought and effort that went into them makes them even more special!

  2. what a sweet and super creative baby shower! I love the personlilzed clothes – espically that skirt! However my favorite is the hangers! So cute!

  3. Talk about the best shower ever and most amazing friends!!!! Loving the mama and baby doll set. Not to mention, how precious are those outfits? So special!!!

  4. What a cute idea, I love this. we did something similar for our work christmas party this year. we do where we only spend a $1 on each person and this year it had to be handmade. I think we got the best things yet this year. So fun

    xx, Michelle


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