Flip House Reveal

Well well well, here we are- 2.5 years after the start of this project and I’m finally revealing it.

What can I say….

I have SO much to say.

To start, here are some old blog posts recapping where it all started + some progress:

The Beginning

Progress Part 1

The difference in my voice and tone from part 1 in april and part 2 in october is- lol

Progess Part 2

If you recall, we purchased this house as an investment/flip property in October 2018. The hope was to flip it and sell it in the spring of 2019.

It needed…..a lot of TLC.

It has taken me two years to write and share this post because there are so many emotions and feelings tied up into it. Hopefully, I can explain a little bit more.

As I went back over these pictures and worked on putting together this post- I worked through tears- and realized why it has taken me over 2 years to compile it all.

First of all, look at how little our kiddos were. They always seem so big at the time. And then you look back, and realize, they really weren’t. They were so small.

Second, Jim did all of this work himself. Apart from the roof and a plumber setting a few drain lines- he did every single bit of work. Which means, I was basically a single parent for all of 2019. He would go to work first thing in the morning, come home to eat dinner, and then go to the flip house. And work there all weekend. It was brutal.

Thirdly, we found out we would be moving to Kansas City in the fall of 2019. This project was not done yet- but it suddenly had a timeline it had to be completed by. We listed and sold this flip project AND our own personal home in December of 2019, which I celebrated with by having a- literal- mental health breakdown with my very first anxiety attacks and ended 2019 with a PTSD diagnosis and a script for anti anxiety medication.

When I look at these pictures- all of those feelings come rushing back. It was a lot.

All of that being said though- we sold this house before we ever had to list it (our personal house too, actually). We did make money on it, which we were able to turn around and use as a down payment for our new Kansas City house (that we only lived in for 8 months before moving to another round of fixer upper….but that’s a blog post for another day…)

Jim learned SO much DIY that he still uses to this day- to the benefit of all of us. He has helped improve our home, my parents, and other family and friends too.

And hey, I ended up in so much therapy after all of this that I learned a lot about myself, health and healing too!

Some of the benefits are more obvious than others, lol.

Anyway, after all of that, here are some before and after photos of this project.

It started as a former druggie pit, with two bedrooms and 1 bathroom and finished as a super cutie, 3 bed, 2 bath cottage.

(yes, I very very much cleaned, mopped, and dusted this place before we closed….just not before I took the final reveal pictures, apparently)

I got these super cute “for sale” signs that we never even ended up using, because it went under contract before we were even finished with it. Looked cute on IG though…..

So, there is the story of the 2018/2019 House That Spena Flipped Saga. We’re back in a fixer upper again, but this isn’t an investment property (or is it….) this time around, it’s just our home. If we ever did something like this again (why am I even typing this..) we would 1) just operate as project managers and hire everything out and 2) turn it into something like an AirBnb or some other sort of rental property. But, again, I’m not far enough removed from these memories to consider anything like that again for a very, very long time.

Flip house questions? comments? concerns? drop them below!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oh, this looks so, so good! I’m glad everything went smooth with the sale of this and the other home and that you are working through (worked through) some of the things you needed to.

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