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Essential Oils For Sleep-DIY Sleepy Roller

Oils are amazing for promoting restful sleep for all ages. Here’s one way we use essential oils for sleep in our home!

essential oils for sleep

In a roller bottle:
-Add 10 drops lavender
-Add 10 drops cedarwood
-Add 10 drops roman chamomile
-Top with carrier oil of choice, we love jojoba oil or fractionated coconut oil

essential oils for sleep

Roll onto spine and bottoms of feet before bed or naptime!

For little ones you can also roll onto their sheets and pillows and blankies and lovies.

Don’t forget to run your diffusers too! You can use the same blend or change it up with some of your other favorite essential oils for sleep.

Some of our favorites:

Peace & Calming

Stress Away

White Angelica


Seedlings Calm



And the three listed above! Lavender, Cedarwood, & Roman Chamomile.

Do you love using essential oils for sleep too? Share more in the comments!

Don’t have oils yet? You’re momming too hard- click here to get started!

You can also read this post about how and why we started using oils in our house!

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