Spena Baby Week 33

As I sat down to write this post I realized that I had forgotten to take an official bump picture this week, so, handsome husband took this super glamorous photo of me sitting in Mabel’s room. The red tank comes through again! I’ve been wearing it my entire pregnancy and I appreciate how well it’s doing it’s job.
I’m feeling great and wonderful and have been telling Jim this week about how similar my pregnancies feel at this point. Obviously I didn’t record anything about Abigail’s pregnancy like I have with Mabel’s, but as far as memory serves, things seem to be very, very similar. Which is great! I have no complaints at all.

Weight Gain | Up a few more pounds….clocking in at +28 so far. Eep. She’s measuring right on track though, so that is perfect!

Symptoms | No more leg cramps since starting the extra vitamin D. Mostly just tons of peeing, having to do like a three point turn just to roll over, and starting to swell. The inner bone of my ankle has said farewell to me and I might have to put my wedding rings away soon. Which stinks! I never had to do that with Abigail- but perhaps that is one of the differences between a summer vs. fall baby?

Cravings | Someone posted a picture of a coffee frappuccino on social media last week and I could not stop thinking about how good it looked! So the next time Abigail and I were out I had to grab a Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino. Y’all. The level with how good it tasted to me….for sure a pregnancy thing because I never enjoy anything that much lol!

Size Of Baby | A pineapple!

17 inches and 4+ pounds!

Movement | Plenty! And she has gotten big enough that sometimes she stretches out and that weird oblong thing happens with my stomach where I swear it looks like a trapezoid or something. Heaven knows what she is doing in there but it sure looks crazy out here!

Sleep | Best sleep ever!

Purchases | A couple Instagram bow shops that I’ve had my eye on recently just reopened this week with their new spring lines and it’s safe to say that the Mabes is pretty well stocked on newborn bows. Now I can just buy her bigger size headbands :p  We also bought the chair for her nursery(as seen in glamorous photo above) and it is obviously fabulous!

I also had my appointment with my naturopath and she got me set up on a few things to last through the rest of pregnancy- a probiotic, a prenatal with extra iron, and red raspberry tea(any tips for drinking this, mamas?)

Nursery | The chair isn’t “done” yet but it is assembled and in her room, the curtains are hanging, and I got a few more lanterns to put up. It’s really coming together and so super close to being done!

Best Part Of The Week |
We had a GREAT check up this week. I had a nice long chat with my OB about my “crunchy” plans for natural delivery + all of the things I want to delay/refuse for Mabel. She was super supportive and kind about all of my ideas and I am feeling so much better about achieving the birth experience that I’m hoping for.

I have plans to write them all out for y’all, possibly next week? So stay tuned for that 🙂

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  1. I would love to hear your birth plan! Will definitely be looking for that next week. And can't wait to see Miss Mabel's nursery!:) As a side note, I think Mabel must weigh 28 pounds, because I have no idea where you are putting it, Mama! You look great and are all belly!:)

  2. Looking so cute! I was looking at how big Mabel is measuring…that's about how big Hallie was when we took her home 🙁 It;s crazy! She's too big now!

  3. Looking as good as ever! True story: when I was pregnant with Cash, I got super swollen. I mean I looked like an angry Hulk. Anyways, after my baby shower in February (Cash's due date was 4/5) , my hands started swelling. I still had my rings On. Well, we did everything & I mean everything to get those babies off. Nothing worked. I had to go to our jeweler & he had to CUT them off of my hand. Seriously, the second you think they are too snug, take them off. 🙂

  4. you look wonderful and red is totally your color! I had a May baby and I was fed swelling and all sorts of similar aches you're having by this point too. I think it's just that time of year. But the best part is once she comes you can be outside right away!!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I've worn the same striped tank this entire pregnancy…you gotta do what works!! 🙂 When I am lying on the couch (or in bed), I have to mentally prepare myself to get up because it takes so many darn turns and maneuvers! Haha!!! I hope you continue to feel well and I really hope you are able to have the birth you want!!!! 🙂

  6. I think I will seriously surpass you in size before you have Miss Mabel! Hello baby #3, you are GIANT! Also, I had a crazy iced coffee craving this week too-yum!! I LOVE the gold pouf and chair-can't wait to see the to see the rest of the nursery. Also- I'm drinking all kinds of crunchy hippy teas and ew-some of them are a hold-your-nose and make sure they're really cold, gulp it down drink. Can't wait to hear your plan! We had Liv all-natural in the Hospital, and are having #3 at home with a Midwife–eek! You should see the looks on peoples faces, haha. Apparently I'm too crunchy for the Midwest–good to know I'm not alone!! 🙂

  7. That chair looks super comfy! I'm sure you'll be spending lots of time in it with sweet little Mabel! Glad you're getting amazing sleep!

  8. Ohhhh girrrrll!!! yay for Red Raspberry Leaf Tea! I'm a huge advocate of that stuff! Some might say it is a placebo effect but I'm a believer. I drank 2 cups double brewed daily with Lily during my third trimester. This time I have been buying the bulk herb and drinking a pitcher a day. I just drink it plain because I'm paranoid about diluting it. ha! Plus, I'm a creature of habit. Since I drank it plain the first time, that's how I'll continue to do it.

  9. Oh Courtney, this has got to be one of my most favorite pictures ever! You are absolutely beautiful … stunning … radiant! I love you, and I am just beside myself with excitement for you & your growing family! xoxo Auntie K

  10. The three point (or sometimes 8 point) bed turning – LOL! Totally there with you on that one.
    You're looking radiant as ever, and so glad to hear you're sleeping so well!!

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