Half Baked! Baby Spena Week 20

And just like that we are halfway done with this pregnancy! And if he decides to be like big sister Mabel, then we’re even farther along than that. Eek!

I’m so happy to finally be feeling good, to be feeling those regular baby kicks, and to not be a massive whale of a pregnant person quite yet. (totally heading that way though)

Symptoms: So much peeing. The occasional racing heartbeat. I’m already so over bending over and picking crap up off of the floor all day long. I get super hungry right before bedtime. Super dry skin.

Weight Gain: Well, well, well, the dreaded biggest loser scale dr’s office weigh in went down last week. Allegedly, I’m 153 lbs which puts me at +13 so far. Let’s not discuss how much more will probably be packed on during the next 20, mmkay?

Size Of Baby: Banana! About 6.5 inches. At our ultrasound yesterday, he was measuring about a week ahead and clocked in at 14 oz!

Movement: Lots of movement! Especially super late at night. I’ve been staying up late(don’t ask me why, it just keeps happening) and he is always awake and partying around 11/12. Jim can feel him now, I can see him moving from the outside, and I’m just waiting for him to move consistently enough to try and get Abigail to feel him too!

Sleep: Other than going to bed late every single night, I’ve been sleeping good! And maybe napping a few times a week. It feels nice to actually get some work done of an afternoon again!

Clothing: Just added a new piece to my wardrobe from my latest Stitch Fix box!

Gender: We confirmed it yesterday! For sure, for sure a boy!

Purchases: No purchases this week, but I have some really super fun baby collaborations coming up for the little dude that I am SO excited about. Clothing and nursery items- can’t wait!

Looking Forward To: Family coming into town this weekend for Mabel’s party! Maybe some grandparents will get to feel the little dude too 🙂

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  1. Yay for being half way there!!! I hate how much pressure is put on women regarding weight gain in pregnancy. I started laughing at my midwife when I was pregnant with my second and told her “I’ll gain what I gain” and she stopped bringing it up. I told her she could talk to me after the baby was born if I wasn’t loosing weight.

  2. We are at the same weight gain at 20 weeks and truth be told Ive avoided the scale for weeks now lol. Im trying to be kind on myself but its just a different rodeo carrying a boy (is that just me?)

  3. Keep having fun, enjoying every second, congrats again, and take good care and keep looking beautiful and happy. You are rocking your bump! ??

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