Spena Baby Week 26

No “official” bump picture for week 26- we were busy traveling to Arizona! Hopefully week 27’s bump picture will involve cacti, or desert, or laying poolside.

Symptoms | Lots of peeing and rapid expansion size wise, but otherwise I’m feeling really good!

Belly Button | Getting more and more stretched every day but definitely still an innie. Jim says it looks the same as last time, I can’t remember, so I’ll defer to his memory.

Cravings |
All the broccoli in the world + beef. I want cheeseburgers, spaghetti, tacos, etc all because I just want to eat some cow. And yeah, I’ve been steaming up broccoli with almost every meal because I just can’t get enough of the stuff. Throw some sea salt and pepper on it after it’s steamed and I just gobble that stuff up.

Size Of Baby |
A scallion(WHAT) or a head of lettuce(that’s more like it). 14 inches long and approx 2 lbs.

Movement| So, I think she heard me when I told Jim last week after I read my weekly baby email that the next 3 weeks are the most active time for baby. I guess they’re just the ideal size for rolling around in there so they do? Anyway, she used to have active periods of time that were fairly predictable. Now? I swear to you, I’ve had the thoughts, is she ever asleep in there? I mean, shes moving all the time. And if she is never asleep in there….is she ever going to sleep when she’s here? Whoa girl.

Sleep | Great. Zero complaints!

Clothing | Nothing clothing related but I may or may not have gotten myself some new Toms ballet flats to wear this spring when they were on Zulily this week. Eek! I’m excited. My foot size never changed with Abigail and as long as I don’t deal with massive swelling at any point, I like to think that it will be the same this time around as well.

Sweet baby girl! Mabel Elizabeth!

Purchases | Well, along with Toms being on Zulily…..Sadie Sky Boutique had a sale this week on a couple of her bows and since I’d been thinking of getting a few more anyway….I had to stock up. REALLY I only got one bow for Mabel and then a few others for her big sis, because….

I am planning on splurging on the Freshly Picked sale going on this morning! I have two pairs at 25% off in the two colors that I’ve been DYING over ready and waiting in my cart and yeah, she’s going to be set in the shoe department for the next year or more of her life 😉

Nursery | Jim has the paint for her room and crib, the crib is now BACK in our house(squee!!!), and I may have had him pick up this small sheepskin while he was in IKEA yesterday to toss anywhere in her room because hello, adorable.

Best Part Of The Week | Hmm, besides online shopping for the most adorable things for my girls(I still get excited saying that) ever? Probably just feeling her moving around like crazy in there. She’s getting so big and she is doing so well and I am just so incredibly thankful for her and her life and holy cow I can’t wait to meet her.

Rest assured, more glamorous pictures like this await you all in the future.


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  1. Have so, so much fun in Arizona!!! I hope it is a lot warmer there than at home! Also, wait a minute… Toms ballet flats were on zulily???? I LOVE those shoes! They are my favorite. I'm so sad I missed the sale. I totally need new ones! You're going to LOVE yours!

  2. I'm kind of loving that you told me about the Freshly Picked sale. But also kind of hating it. Because while I have been able to resist them at full price, baby moccs at 25% off are a LOT harder to resist. Eeek. Quesion: what size(s) are you buying? I have no idea what to expect in that area so buying shoes seems really confusing right now!

  3. You look fantastic! I could not even eat beef for most of my pregnancy — even though I love steak. I'm glad to hear you're eating all the broccoli — so good for you and that sweet baby girl 🙂

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