The Measure Of My Love

Perhaps, if there is ever a day, sometime in the future, when a person(maybe even my own daughter) questions my love for her- I feel pretty confidently that all I will ever have to do is show her/them the multitude of pictures from times that I have taken her out by myself to play in the snow.
It has never gotten any easier or any more fun for me as life goes on. In fact, I probably dislike it more. But, here I am, still bundling myself and her up(mostly cheerfully) because I just stinkin love her that much.
FYI: She won’t let us cut off her lift ticket, because apparently as awful as skiing was- the label is SUPER AWESOME.

After we came inside we took hot showers, ate grilled cheese sandwiches, and made snow ice cream. It looks like we’ll be getting to enjoy round two tomorrow, so cheers to motherly love and playing in the snow.

Do you have snow where you’re at? If so, how much did you get? If not, don’t tell me about it ;P

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  1. What a cutie! 🙂 She is so precious! We have a ton of snow here in Western PA – and it was -20 yesterday morning when we woke up! Talk about COLD! I'm your newest follower – your blog is adorable and I can't wait to follow along!

  2. Since we recently moved from TX to OH, everyone back in Austin is asking "How does Connor like the snow?" and I'm all like Hell if I know because I AM NOT PLAYING IN THE SNOW WITH HIM! I don't know if I would say I hate the snow but I can promise you that you won't find me playing in it.

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