Step Aside, Silver Dollar City

There’s a new amusement park in town.

Well. It’s not new.

We’ve just never been to it before.

But, it is RIGHT in town. As in, we drive past “the rides” every single day as we drive into Joplin. We drive past them multiple times a day and we talk about them multiple times a day and we dream about one day when we will get to ride the rides and who we will ride them with and how amazing it will be.

On Saturday, the dream became a reality.
Abigail has two little friends{sisters!} who share super close birthdays. We got to celebrate #3 and #1 with them at “the rides”!

There was a 50-60% chance of storms ALL day and it didn’t seem like our fun trip to the park would even happen, but the storms stayed away, it heated up, the humidity cranked, and we were able to have an amazing party!

{PS. How cute are they?!}

 This was about the biggest deal of the day. THE FERRIS WHEEL.
This is the ride that can be seen from far away and has been talked about more than any other. Daddy and I trade off on rides- we typically divvy it up as Jim does the rides that involve heights and I do the rides that involve spinning. It works great and neither of us end up sick.
 She absolutely loved it. Ferris wheel success!
 How hilarious is this ride??
They were really original when they named it.
Once again, she LOVED it!
They did this one a few times back to back.
 Ah. This is the ride that put Mama out of commission for the rest of the day.
I can handle spinning just fine….usually.
But this ride just seemed to go on and on and on and I was getting to the danger zone. If it hadn’t stopped when it {finally} did I might have been in bad shape. Sheesh.
 But hey, at least the pictures don’t look like it 😉
 And lastly, the highlight of Daddy’s day.
The go-carts.
Remember last week when I listed a few things that I really looked forward to and that I couldn’t wait to do with my kid?
Yeah, this hits one of the big things on Jim’s excited to do list.
 He told me after that Abigail is an amazing asset because she doesn’t add any weight but they get to use the double cart which has more power and speed.

After this birthday party we absolutely can NOT wait to take Abigail back!

To have a place with no lines, rides the perfect size for her to enjoy over and over, and SO close to us. We hope to make “the rides” a special place to visit many more times this year!

Do you have an amusement park close to where you live? How often do you get to go?


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  1. This makes me want to visit the rides SO bad. They look like a blast! And A is one lucky little lady I mean she hit up all the fun ones!! So jealous!

  2. Aw that looks like such fun! We used to live soooo close to AstroWorld but that was torn down years ago and we have nothing similar near us anymore! 🙁 Glad y'all had a great time!

  3. what a fun park and a fun day! she hit the best rides too!! I just love her outfit! are u sure she's not 13 instead of 3?! 🙂 no seriously just adorable the top/Capri/sandals! looks awesome and yet comfy and fun to play!

  4. What a fabulous way to spend the day! We have something similar just 10 minutes down the road and we took our niece and nephew there last summer and THEY HAD A BLAST!

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