23 Month Update!

I’m not sure why this still surprises me. Every single month I think, “How can she be this old already?!”
The next time I write one of these my sweet little peanut will be 2 years old. How is that possible? When did that happen? Where did that time even go?
I’m pretty sure every single month I also write about how blown away I am by how much she has changed and how much she has learned. But, really? This month? This one takes the cake . She’s like a whole new little girl. Full of all sorts of new developments, smarts, personality changes, and, just everything.
Current favorites (we all know toddlers. They change from month to month):
Fruit: Purple(emphasis on the purple. It’s very important) grapes
Vegetable: Back to green bell pepper
Favorite meal: Still, toast. Crazy girl. She asks for it every single meal. And usually her snacks too. So, she ends up getting one Peanut Butter sandwich on whole wheat bread a day.
Favorite show: Definitely Mickey Mouse Clubhouse still. She loves all of the characters and knows all of their names. She interacts with the show and we both dance around like crazy people to the hot dog dance at the end of the episode.
Sleep habits: 1 afternoon nap, usually around 11 for 2 hours or so. She’s in bed for the night and asleep around 830.
Fun new stuff:
Singing. I know I mentioned this last month, but this has been a huge HUGE development. She will sing(and totally knows the words to) Once Upon a Dream, Wheels on the Bus, Jesus Loves the Little Children, The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, the ABC’s, and most shockingly, Taylor Swift “Eyes Open” and Fun. “We Are Young”(and a few other current songs. In the car I heard her trying to sing along to the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack. Hilarious)
Turning into a chatty cathy. For serious. This girl blabbers all day. Points out EVERYTHING. She talks(and counts) herself to sleep. She talks as soon as she wakes up.  We’ll be at the store absolutely anywhere and it will be something like this:
Bird. red. tweet tweet! shoes. hair. bow. mama? ickey? innie? corn. yellow. playdoh. purple. strawberry. mmmm.
And so on and so forth.
Counting. She is consistently counting all the time. For a little bit there she always skipped 7, but she’s over that now. Sometimes when she starts counting she can’t stop and has to go all the way up to 10. Other times she correctly counts how many of a specific item there are. Amazing.
Colors and shapes: You point it out. She can name it.
She is also rocking saying names! She still says Mimi and Pa, but now she also says Gahmy, Pawpee!, Ma(almost sounds like my) Jenny, Monty(haha, doesn’t feeling like attempting Grandpa before that apparently), Uncle Ka-run, Uncle John, Uncle Lohan, Aunt Beanie, David.
She also lists off her friends names regularly. Myna(mya), Innie(Indie), Charlotte, Bowbie(Valorie), and occasionally she says Care(claire). Then she usually follows it up with asking to go the park. Since we always play with our friends there!
(From Left to right)
1. A day at the park
2. Abigail posing with a pouty lip and Mama the giant floating head
3. Pre church iPhone photo session
4. Daddy and A watching Mickey Ice Skating
5. A chillin in her new jammies. She LOVES them and wants to wear them all the time.
6. Case in point. Planting flowers with Dad in her pj’s.
7. Quickie pony tail to keep her hair out of her face while she ate her “keem” of wheat.
As always, sweet Abigail, we love you SO much. We are so proud of how smart you are! We are so blessed to have YOU for OUR daughter.
Love you so much precious one,

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  1. How many days til I'm back??!! Missing you guys!! FaceTime had better be up and running as it should be later today or head are gonna roll ;)So proud to have YOU for OUR daughter. Love you so much precious one! Your Momma

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