Last Third Thursday of the year

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, but Joplin does this really cool thing once a month to help promote art and culture within our small town and also to bring people together. It’s called Third Thursday and like the name says, the 3rd Thursday of every month starting in late spring thru October they barricade downtown Main St, all the shops open up, there is live music and art everywhere, vendors promote their businesses, families walking all around, it’s really cool.
So we got to go one last time last night. They won’t be back again until spring!!
 People watching with Dada
This super nice man stopped and asked if I’d like to hop into the picture with Jim and A. I jumped at the opportunity, but trying to give an impromtu how to use a DSLR lesson is pretty tricky. So, we’re all a bit blurry, but I still love this picture anyway 🙂
They had this plane out for people to look at and Abigail loved it! She is totally into planes right now and talks about them a lot, so this was right up her alley!
Aww…look at that sweet uncooperative baby girl.
Abigail’s absolute favorite part of 3rd Thursday are the flower pots that line Main St. She wants to stop at every. single. one. and sniff every. single. flower.
She points out all the colors of them and gently touches them all. Sweet girl.
Walking down Main St. like a big girl
It got dark fast and chilly even quicker. A very nice man gave Abigail his glow in the dark bracelet. She has still been playing with it today. If only he knew how much she loves accessories! We headed out shortly after this!
The best we could manage, haha! : )
After we left we still had some time before Abigail needed to be home for bath and bed, so we splurged on a Starbuck’s treat.

One day recently I had a Target coupon for a free pastry with the purchase of a latte. So I let A pick a treat out of the case and she chose coffee cake. Now, anytime we go to Target, even as soon as we get to the parking lot she starts shouting, cake! cake!

Needless to say, she was super stoked about getting to have another Starbuck’s pastry. She had to eat the one Mama picked out(pumpkin scone), but she still thought it was cake, so it was all good.

See you back in the spring 3rd Thursday! It’s been fun!

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