Father’s Day!

We had a wonderful Father’s Day with Jim on Sunday! We started our day off with church and coffee, spent our afternoon working around the house and taking naps, and finished the day with a trip to his very favorite restaurant(again) and a stop at the “man store”.


I had to be sure to get a quick picture of these girls and their sweet Daddy before we left for church! So far, this summer has been the summer of grunge(working on projects around the house constantly will do that to ya) so a rare opportunity where everyone was put together and looking lovely had to be documented!

IMG_8760 IMG_8752

And just LOOK at these babies on Father’s Day last year!

Apparently my “D” and “A” letters have gone missing since our move in December. I have no idea where they ended up…..so this years updated “D-A-D” pictures are going to be a little delayed due to my poor planning(what’s new!)

Last year we celebrated Father’s Day at Cheddars.

This year we celebrated Father’s Day at Cheddars.
What can I say, he’s a guy who knows exactly what he likes!
The man worked at Cheddars all through college and still can’t get enough of the stuff. That says something, I think.
After dinner, he decided it wouldn’t be a true Father’s Day without a stop to Lowe’s. We bought garden hoses and light bulbs. Exciting stuff.
But most exciting, Mabel got to ride the tractors for the very first time like big sister and someone was OBSESSED.
IMG_8783 IMG_8785

After our trip to the man store, Jim decided to treat us all to a little ice cream before we called it a night!

Baskin Robbins heard!

All in all it was a great day celebrating the most wonderful Daddy ever. He takes care of us so well, he loves us so deeply, he knows us each well enough to make every single girl in his house feel cherished and special. That is no small feat and he takes it on boldly. We’re so thankful for him.

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  1. That face on the tractors! What Dad’s day would be complete without a trip to the hardware store?! ..that ice cream sure looks delish!

  2. Mabel is just about the sweetest baby girl EVER! And Abigail with her cute little riding boots?! Girl is stylin!! Happy Father’s Day to Jim!

  3. Church, a nap, Cheddars, ice cream and the man store…sounds like a pretty awesome Father’s Day to me! ‘Riding’ the tractors is the best part about the man store. Sweet pictures of your precious family!

  4. Oh my gosh, that face of Mabel on the tractor!! So adorable! And I cannot believe how little she was last year! I wish we had a Cheddars around here, since it sounds like a great place!

  5. Bahaha…light bulbs!! Seriously, every.sing.time. we go to a “man” store, we buy lightbulbs. It’s like a running joke. Such a special day. And I’m relieved to know that I’m know the only one on the “oops, forgot a gift” train. We gave him some cards…. 😉

  6. The way that Abigail looks at Jim is like the real life heart eye emoji! So precious. And Mabel riding the tractors looks pretty darn proud of herself. Sounds like it was a great family weekend and what’s a grown up weekend without a trip to Lowes?!?!

  7. It sounds like the perfect little day! LOVE Mabel’s face on the tractor. Adorable. And Cheddars is Amazing. If only I could have taken Landon there for dinner. That’s his favorite place to go out to too.

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