Fourth of July

I’m confident that this Fourth of July was our best Fourth of July ever! Or, at the very least, it certainly topped last year’s Fourth of July celebration– which, for the last year has been called “The Day Of Missed Fun” by Miss Abigail.

So, Jim was traveling back from a week long business trip to London and was supposed to arrive home late on the night of the 3rd. But, thanks to just about everything possible going wrong, his flight was delayed, and then delayed some more, and then canceled. Then his flight the following morning was delayed again.

Our new neighborhood does this awesome Fourth of July celebration every year(this year was the 52nd year!) which starts with a kids bike parade that starts at our next door neighbors house and ends down the street at a little clearing where they have tents set up with food and drinks, music, and have a few special ceremonies to commemorate the holiday. It’s really cool!

I got the girls all decked out in their holiday best(thanks, Grammy!) and made sure to take way too many pictures of the cuteness.

IMG_7068 IMG_7073 IMG_7087

Mabel was 100% obsessed with these headbands. She literally wore hers the entire day. She never wanted to take it off. Hilarious.

IMG_7089 IMG_7098 IMG_7114 IMG_7138 IMG_7141

We had planned on Jim getting to go with us, but the girls and I had to attend the event solo. Navigating a bike parade with a 5 year old, a baby in a stroller, a plate of food to take to the tent, and a camera to try and get pictures with was interesting for sure- but somehow I managed!

IMG_7148 IMG_7151

Grammy helped Abigail decorate her bike for the parade and I’m not saying that it was the best bike in the parade(but it was definitely the best bike in the parade.)


Grammy and Pappy had gone to Kansas City for a few days to visit my brother, so they missed out on the parade, but the girls, our stroller, and Abigail’s bicycle wouldn’t have looked nearly as amazing without Grammy!

IMG_7164 IMG_7167 IMG_7168

The turn out for this thing was huge. It was so cool. We were so excited to get to take part in our very first neighborhood celebration and we hope it is the start of many more to come!



And just as the party was winding down, looked who showed up!


After three hours in a hotel before having to get up again, flying to a new airport, getting a rental car, and driving an hour and a half to the airport where his car was parked, driving home and then walking down the street to us- this guy FINALLY made it! What an ordeal.


We couldn’t have been happier to see him and have him home! Now we could finally start celebrating!

This year was SO much fun with Abigail! She shopped for fireworks with Jim and was a pro at lighting them. She was a little hesitant every now and then, but overall she was so brave and did amazing.


Oh yeah- at the party Abigail had a small bike wreck and skinned both of her knees. It was sad but she recovered quickly and had some pretty cool band-aids to show for it.


After a family afternoon nap, Grammy and Pappy made it back to us and the party continued!

IMG_7190 IMG_7199 IMG_7201


Look how excited this guy is to be home with his girlies! I love it.


Reunited and it feels so good!


If this picture doesn’t sum up a fantastic Fourth I don’t know what would!


Mabel went to sleep at her usual time and stayed asleep all night- bless!


Once it got dark we lit up a few fireworks of our own and then ALL around our neighborhood fireworks were going off everywhere. EVERYWHERE!


I’m confident that you can’t beat the Fourth of July in Missouri! Amazing fireworks in every direction- you don’t even have to leave your house! It is so cool.

Anyway, after showers to wash off the day, we all went to bed happy and so, so thankful to get to live in this amazing country.

I hope your 4th was just as wonderful!


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  1. Love the girl’s outfits and the bike decorations! My parents house is in the country and it was so much fun sitting in our yard and seeing fireworks in every direction growing up! You can’t beat staying in your yard to watch fireworks 🙂

  2. The girls are so cute! I’m glad that Jim was able to make it back in time to celebrate with you. How fun to live in a neighborhood with such great Fourth of July traditions.

  3. What a nightmare of a trip home for Jim…poor guy!! I love that Mabel didn’t want to take her headband off! And lastly–your parents look like they could be your kids’ parents. I’m not sure where that leaves you, but oh my gosh–they’re so young!!!!!

  4. I love how one of the grandma’s (maybe your mom?) always buys the girls outfits for the various holidays. It’s such a cool and thoughtful thing to do.

  5. looks like you guys had an amazing time and all that jazz, the girls look so adorable, but what i can’t believe is that it’s been a year since the day of missed fun.. i swear that was just a few months ago. time flies right?!

  6. I like that Jim came home and immediately lit things on fire lol. Priorities!
    Sounds like the best 4th of July yet, definitely for Mabel with that headband!

  7. That 4th of July family picture must be framed. Everyone is making the cutest, happiest faces. Mabel and her love of headbands runs deep. I love the sparkles and am impressed that she wanted to wear it all day. Such cute girls! Your neighborhood seems like the best place. Glad it was such a lovely day and that Jim made it home for it 🙂

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