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Life has been so fantastically busy this last month, that finding any time to upload my pictures and jot down my thoughts: i.e blog, have been almost impossible! But these girls keep on growing and doing amazing things and I just don’t want to forget any of it. Herego, a life lately picture post 🙂

I’ll write more specifics in this little bit’s 7 month post coming up soon(sniff sniff), but for now, she is just the sweetest and most fun little love. Happy to go with the flow, happy to be plopped down anywhere, happy to let me take her picture anytime.

We had a morning where we got to visit Daddy at his office for breakfast recently. I can’t remember why now….I think we had an inspection or something that morning? Anyway. Mabel was thrilled over it.

This was the first photo I ever took of Mabesy sitting up and now she’s the sitting up champion of the world. She doesn’t like to roll anywhere, but home girl can sit for days.

Basically my most favorite picture of all time. Forever and ever, amen.

Baby swing!!! Unlike big sister, little sister loves herself some swing time. We can’t wait to get it set back up in the backyard of the new casa!

I had to capture Jim baby wearing for the very first time. I’ve started using the Ergo a little bit when I know we’re going to be out and about but Mabel won’t be sleeping. I still love the Solly most and use it frequently, but the Ergo is getting some mileage now too!

And of course, we can’t forget to mention Abigail playing on top of the fan boxes in the background. Parenting…win? Fail?

Those boots. I can’t.

Oh, and one more thing about my Ergo. I bought my Solly last year when they were having their black Friday sale. At the time, we didn’t know whether we were having a boy or girl yet. So I got a gender neutral color(dark gray). But when the Ergo came on sale on Zulily some time later, I knew it was a Mabel in there so I just had to get a fun and girly pattern. Yep.

Real sisterly love is sharing your seahorse. Even when the person you share it with might drool on it.

Our final “get out of the house for someone coming to do something at our house that is for sale” outing. And hey, this Starbucks is about 7(give or take) minutes away now. Allll the praise hands for that!

She’s pretty cute.

I can’t stop won’t stop with the twinning pajamas. Carter’s has made my life with their massive size ranges in matching styles. Sister matching dreams being made over here, people!

Abigail has started saying at the end of a day, if it has been a really good one, just as we’re tucking into her bed, she’ll go, “Was today my birthday?!” And this picture above was one of those, “is it my birthday” type days.

Also, let us note Mabel with a paci in one hand and a toy in front of her, but opting to chew on Grammy’s wallet instead. (And Grammy letting her ;))

Just about the biggest milestone ever! Baby girl can ride in the cart now! My shopping game is totally revolutionized. Halleluyer!

And thus concludes the latest edition of what’s been going on with those Spena Sisters.

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  1. Your girls are just precious. Don't ever stop the twinning. Ever. 😉 While we were buying boxes from Home Depot before we moved, Cash might have spent some time on top of the boxes in the displays, too. Luke & I were able to concentrate, so I say a win.

  2. THE CUTEST!! Louise is sitting like a champ but not rolling, too! Crazy girls. I love how much Abigail loves her sister…you can see it in her eyes!! Cam LIVES on top of boxes, when we are in stores, so no worries, Momma…it's called survival!!

  3. haha, love these photo dumps, and matching jammies and clothes, swoon. If I had two girls, boy would I be in trouble! Gymboree also has a nice selection of sizes for matching stuff. 🙂 and an Ergo in girly colors, love it! My 2 year old still loves being in the Ergo.

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