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Blueberry Picking

Something that I have always wanted to do with my kids is go berry picking! I’ve always seen these magical photos of kiddos picking strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and the like and somehow, always seem to miss the season for going. Until now!

A friend of ours invited us to come with them one day a few weeks ago and I was SO excited, because hello- blueberries….and magical photos!

Other than being so, so, like- so hot it was so much fun!

All three of the kids did an amazing job picking (and eating!) their berries.

Finn would get about 10 blueberries into his bucket before he would decide that they needed to be eaten instead of collected, ha! But the girls picked enough to make up for it!

At the end they measure and bag up your berries- the girls had picked nearly 4 lbs!

Like I said- it was hot.

We also got a container of local raw honey and have thoroughly enjoyed eating all of our berries! I’m hoping we can get back for at least one more visit before the season is over because we enjoyed it so much. Maybe we can even get Jim to tag along with us next time!

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  1. I have always wanted to do this too! But much to my surprise, berry picking farms are hard to come by in my area. I mean, do I even live in Texas?!?! These pictures are adorable. Looks like a great time despite the heat!

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