The Lake

The weather has heated up, family was in town, and it was time to head back for another summer trip to the lake.

It takes us a full three hours to get there and there is this amazing drive in about two hours in called “Mr. Ed’s” and we always have to stop for burgers, ice cream, and nachos CUZ NACHOS.

But I didn’t get any pictures from this trip LOL so here are some from when we stopped for lunch at Dairy Queen instead.

This time around we had 8 kids and 7 adults and WHEN DID WE BECOME OUTNUMBERED.

But anyway, the kids spent time eating snacks, playing lots, reading books, and splashing in the water with their life vests on!

It rained one full day of the weekend, but that was okay. We made the best of it!

Can not handle this crazy girl.

Or these two dudes.

Finn’s first time on the lift down to the dock- his eyes mirror mine and say it all lol.

He loved getting in the water though!

Mabel didn’t want to get in the water but she sure did love riding on her unicorn float!

and on the boat hahaha

All in all it was a good trip! Tiring, but good. Until next time!

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