Father’s Day!

 I could wax eloquently forever and a day about how wonderful of a father{and father in law!!} I have and how wonderful of a father my husband is. They are all outstanding, rare, precious, upright, trustworthy, and faithful men of God. What a gift to have 3 such men directly in my life and Abigail’s.
If you want, you can check out my two previous Father’s Day posts:
Last year on Father’s Day, we were at my in-laws house. I was in their basement, swollen and in pain, dealing with OHSS. I received one of the happiest calls I have ever received in my life that morning. ALL 8 of our little embryo babies were growing still. All of them. I wish I could describe the hope and joy that my heart soared with at that news. I remember sharing it with so much excitement to my sweet husband, the father of those babies.
Obviously, a lot has happened in our lives since last Father’s Day. But, one thing hasn’t changed, and that is the way my amazing husband is such a faithful and devoted daddy to every single one of his babies. The way he loves and enjoys his Abigail is such a joy to watch. And the way he hurt and lost his littlest ones right along with me so that I always knew I wasn’t hurting alone. He loves them too.
I’m so thankful for him.
So, our Father’s Day weekend.
On Saturday morning we had a music practice at church. Afterwards, since we were in town, we decided to stop at Academy and make one of Jim’s many fatherhood dreams come true.
 We bought his girl her very first baseball glove.
They’ve been playing catch in the yard a lot now that the weather has been so beautiful outside. He has been teaching her how to throw a ball{NOT like a girl! ha} and he has a tee ball wooden bat that he has had her holding and swinging with. But, before now, she didn’t have a glove to catch with!
Now she does.
Feel free to pray along with me that she is somehow genetically predisposed toward athletics like her father….instead of me.
Kind of funny and ironic that this is what we ended up having for lunch on Sunday after church.
Our church is literally right next door to the ol PJ, so as we were pulling out of the church parking lot and saw a sign that said “carry out large one toppings 4.99” we promptly turned right back into the parking lot and grabbed ourselves one.
 Here is the card Abigail and I picked out together for Jim:
SO cute, right?!
Just a brief Mom brag moment. She wrote the A, I’s, and L in her name all by herself! Along with the A in Dad. Plus all of her drawings 😉
And of course, here are the updated D-A-D pictures that we gave Jim in his Father’s Day card.
Coming to a Leggett & Platt office near you!

How was your Father’s Day?


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  1. My husband is going to FREAK OUT the first time he gets to buy Mason his first glove. He's already training him to be a pitcher since he's left handed. He thinks he has a famous pitcher on his hands. (haha I hope he's not too crushed when he finds out the truth lol) So cute to see Dads and kids play baseball/catch together!

  2. Aww your hubby seems like such a great dad! If we have a daughter, she will most definitely be playing baseball/catch as well. Kevin is obsessed so girl or boy, she's going to love it! haha.

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