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Baby, You’re A Firework

The 4th of July is Jim’s most very very favorite holiday. The man loves to blow himself some things UP and of course, to celebrate the freedom, independence, and wonder that is the United States of America. We’ve been instilling that excitement in Miss Abigail since she was very little. and after two years of getting to stay up and watch fireworks well past bedtime, the anticipation for this year was no small thing.
Anyway, the last few years a sort of tradition has blossomed. We go up to Jim’s parents home in Kansas City and (typically) all of his siblings and their kids come and we all get to visit and celebrate together. This year we missed his fun younger brother, but aside from him, everyone else came!

We had an absolutely BONKERS crazy 4th. In the morning we had a big brunch celebrating three grandmothers and their birthdays. We quickly cleaned that party up and then set up for a meet and greet(sip & see?) for Miss Mabel that afternoon. Then after that we quickly cleaned up and set up for our 4th of July cookout and celebration! Whew!

Mabel was visited by so many friends and family members and it was absolutely wonderful. My Mother in Law was such a saint to put together a party for Mabel(and ultimately, us) on such a crazy, busy day! We were so blessed by it and the guests who came were SO generous. I was seriously blown away by it.

My best friend, Lauren, and her family stopped by and it was so much fun to visit and see our kiddos together for a little bit! Such a gift!

And then.

Here is where my pictures from the 4th end.

After dinner(and a day filled with daytime fireworks, jumping on the trampoline, and endless outside playtime), Abigail had the meltdown to end all meltdowns. It had been a busy day- rest time didn’t happen- there was so much going on. But, she decided to totally lose it. So Jim talked with her and calmed her down and she apologized and it appeared things were slightly smoothed over- but he warned her- you can NOT act this way again. If you do, it’s straight to bed and no fireworks for you tonight.

Y’all. Not even like a minute later, she decided to lose it even worse than the first time.

And I’m not exaggerating when I say this was seriously the saddest and hardest thing either of us have had to do in our 4.5 years of parenting.

We had to follow through. And it SUCKED.

It felt like saying, “No Christmas presents for you!”

She acted like it was no big deal and la dee dah off to bed I go, bye! But once Jim put her in bed and told her goodnight, the realization of what her actions had cost her set in and it was the most heart breaking thing I’ve ever heard or felt. Seriously, I’m crying just remembering it.

It was so hard. So sad. Being a parent is hard. I even told Jim that night, “I don’t even want to blog about the 4th now because this is SO SAD!” and as we watched our big firework display that night and Abigail cried in her bed, I felt like I couldn’t even enjoy it because I knew how much she would have. And how excited they had been. And how long her and Jim had shopped together and planned for the 4th and how her behavior just…ruined it 🙁

But, alas!

The 5th was a new day.

And it was WONDERFUL.

We went to church together that morning and it was a lovely service. It is always such a gift to get to worship the Lord with your family! And when we got home we snapped some pictures of everyone in their Sunday best. (Christmas card, heard)

Then the rest of the day was spent fulfilling the epitome of an unplugged childhood. Wild and free and happy and wonderful.

Even baby sis got in on the action. The weather was positively gorgeous over the weekend!

Playing at Grandma Jenny’s always consists of the best things. Petting the animals, swinging on the swing set, jumping on the trampoline, riding bicycles, playing baseball, and so much more.

One of the best and most exciting things Abigail got to do was ride one of the horses next door! This was her very first time to ever ride, and clearly, she loved every second of it!

She got to brush Flanagan, feed him some carrots and some “grine” (grain, lol) and tell everybody about how he likes to eat Cheetos for a treat.

And the best part of the day?

Daddy saved back some special fireworks for Abigail to do.


A sword that shoots fireworks out the front of it. Glory.

David and Abigail had a turtle vs. tank race. The turtle got stuck on a stick and the tank flipped over, so it was quite the race.

This firework is the epitome of my 4 year old’s dreams. The poopy puppy firework. She picked this out a while ago and it’s been talked about basically every day since.

I asked her if she could make the poopy puppy’s face. She could.

Fire shot out of his butt and then it pushed out a “snake” type firework. And we all died laughing, because it was actually super hilarious.

They lit off a bunch of other things that flew up in the air, spun on the ground, blew around smoke, make loud noises, and other 4th of July fun things.

We finished the night with sparklers, showers, and a 2 hour drive back home.

So, in the end, it turned out to be an absolutely wonderful, just about perfect, weekend.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I'm almost crying just reading about your 4th! Props to you for following through as a parent. Seriously though, SO hard! I remember nannying in college and coming to the realization that when I punished the kids, I was punishing myself too! Never fun, but as a teacher, I wish there were more parents like you! P.S. I'm glad Abigail got to enjoy some fireworks on the 5th! Great pictures!

  2. First of all, did you get a blowout for the 4th… Because your hair was on point! Secondly, oh how I can relate to your 4th! We (and when I say we, I really mean Conor) kept Liam up far to late the night before, so he was a bit of a hot mess on the 4th. I didn't want to deal with that all over again the next day after another late night so I put him to bed before fireworks. Oh how the mom guilt hit me. I seriously cried about it the next morning.

  3. So, number one – that family photo of the four of you?? The BEST. And go you for following through! I bet that was hard but she needed to know you meant business! Glad Daddy saved some for her on the 5th… and that puppy? WHAAAA?!?!?

  4. Life with s 4.5 year old is never predictable, they got FEELINGS. So sweet of Jim to save some fireworks for her- dad win for sure. All your pictures are adorable (as per usual) Thank God every day is new again 🙂

  5. Aww I'm sorry the 4th ended on such a note, but I'm glad the 5th was much better! Abigail looks very happy with the fireworks! Mabel looks very sweet with Jim too! I love that red shirt by the way, do you remember where you found it?

  6. Mama, I give you mad props for following through! I'm sure that has been the hardest thing you've had to do. BUT on the plus side, hopefully she learned from that and you never have to do it again. AND you have the sweetest husband ever for saving her some fireworks for the next day. Daddy for the win!

  7. Parenting IS so hard! Good for ya'll for following through. I know I struggle with this. Out of exhaustion I think I let a lot slide…and I see those results, too. So this past week I've been FOLLOWING THROUGH!

    Love all the pics!

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