Snow Day!

We got snow! It feels like ages since we have had an actual snow day. Last year we got the smallest of dustings over our anniversary weekend, and that was IT for the entire winter.

Obviously, Mabel has no memory of that, so this has been her first real experience with snow and it has been so much fun. The girls are absolutely enthralled and so, so very excited!

We were supposed to get a dusting on Saturday night but it ended up arriving Sunday morning, shortly before we left for church. And boy was it coming down!

That “dusting” we were supposed to get ended up being a couple inches. So once we got home from church, we changed clothes and out we went! It was absolutely perfect for playing in!

They started out on the deck with some snowball creation lessons, snow angel instructions, and basic general snow knowledge imparted to them from Dad.

Then it was time for sledding!

We were able to use our sloped backyard as the perfect spot for the girls to safely sled over and over again. It was great!

After endless amounts of sledding, it was time for Mabel to come inside for lunch and a nap. Abigail got to play with her neighbor friends for a while and then Jim went back outside to help her build a snowman!

This was Abigail’s first successful snowman! We have never had the right temperature or amount of snow to be able to build a legit snowman with her, so this was pretty exciting for all of us and Mabel seriously couldn’t believe him when she woke up.

I bought this baby snowsuit on mega clearance last spring hoping that Finn would have a chance to wear it this winter! And he did! Truthfully, my monster baby has already outgrown it, but I stuffed him in anyway to be able to be outside for a little bit nonetheless and boy am I glad I did. Worth it!

THEN after the small dusting we were supposed to get, we got even MORE snow overnight on Sunday and well into Monday morning. Bringing us up to probably 5 inches of snow or so.

The girls raced to the window upstairs to see all of the new snow first thing and were absolutely ecstatic.

Fortunately, Jim had brought his work laptop home for the weekend, so he was able to stay inside with us and work remotely. It was perfect!

Naturally, our CC day was canceled and so we had a wonderfully slow morning with coffee, cinnamon rolls, and pajamas instead.

The girls got to go sledding with Jim a second time while Finn and I stayed warm inside, doing the laundry and tidying up the house.

Usually our Monday’s are fast paced and crazy, but this one was slow, laid back, and absolutely perfect.

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  1. Talk about the perfect snow days! And even better that Monday was such a good start to the week!
    I wish we had a few snow days. Any reason to stay cozy and in sweats all day long sounds mighty nice.

  2. What a fantastic family weekend. My kids are so excited to go to the snow. We don’t have snow and it hasn’t really snowed anywhere near us. Hopefully we’ll get some when we go to the mountains next month. The snow pictures of the girls outside, perfect!

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