Arizona Highlights

As always, we had the very best time visiting my parents in Phoenix, Arizona. We always try to stay as long as we possibly can!! This time we managed to stay for 10 days- we flew out on December 23rd and flew back on January 3rd. My kind of trip!

I think we packed in about as much as we possibly could. Christmas, a trip to the train park, a trip to the aquarium, I met a friend for the day in downtown Gilbert, two trips to the zoo(one during the day and one for zoo lights), a new years eve celebration with Jim’s sister and her family, a trip to Build A Bear to spend the gift cards Santa left in their stockings, a day at the Marriott Country Club for lunch and to swim and play in the lazy river, fountains, and pools. Abigail also snuck in a few golf lessons with Pappy and I got to finally meet my Mom’s hair stylist when she did my hair for the first time since I’d had Finn!

Jim and I were also able to steal away to see TWO movies at the theater(Greatest Showman and The Last Jedi). We don’t have family or babysitters for the kids back home, so we took FULL advantage while we were with my parents. It was amazing!

Not to mention, lazy mornings and fun nights in the pool and hot tub, plus games together and lots and lots and oh my gosh lots more delicious food.

Basically, best visit ever(I say that every time)

Turns out, I took about a million pictures while we were there, so I’m putting them all right here to recap our fun and amazing trip!

Turns out this is quite possibly my favorite picture from our entire stay. Mom snapped it one night as we were all on the floor together. It’s just us. Comfy. Messy. Laid back. Together. I just love it.

And then we flew back to Kansas City and my baby fell asleep at baggage claim and Mabel thought about it herself.

A short three hour drive and then we were back home……just in time to take down Christmas decorations, unpack five suitcases, and start school back up again. January! Back to reality!

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  1. That picture of Mabel and Jim at the table is soooo cute!! It looks like you all had a wonderful time and it’s so good ya’ll were able to go see a couple of movies together. Date nights are few and far between with the little ones.

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