Postpartum Clothing Favorites

This is my third time around dealing with postpartum clothing, and I feel like I have finally found a nice balance dressing my “in between” body with things that are both comfortable and stylish. Check out the suggestions below for some of my postpartum clothing favorites!

I remember after Abigail I was so fixated on getting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes that I never took the time to put together a postpartum wardrobe(also, I was 22, I wouldn’t have needed it anyway, but I digress) but had such a hard time after Mabel, because I didn’t “bounce back” immediately and needed something to wear between maternity clothes and my pre-pregnancy ones. (Also, it was summer, and that sucked)

So anyway, I knew going into postpartum for a third time (and at 29 years old, instead of 22) that I would be spending a longer season in the “in between” than I ever have before and that I would need postpartum clothing to carry me through that time.

I certainly don’t have it figured out, but I have gathered together some of my very, very favorite and most used pieces of clothing from the last (almost) four months.

Postpartum Clothes

Jeans / Slippers / Hoodie / Sweater / Boots / Cardigan / Tank / Sneakers / Leggings

Postpartum Clothing Favorites

These Tanks: These have been my go-to nursing tank since I had Abigail. They are comfy, easy to wear and use, there are TONS of color options, and the price point is just my speed. These are my hands down favorite nursing tanks to wear- under almost everything!

And This Tank Too: I was introduced to this tank while pregnant with Finn and I LOVE it too! I love how soft and smooth it is. It’s definitely a higher quality, fit, and fabric than the tanks above, so it’s a great option to have on hand as well.

These Leggings: When I’m wanting a comfy (read: non denim option) to wear I always go for these leggings. In fact, I wear them so often, I’m pretty positive I need a second pair. I love how they completely cover my tummy, so in the event that I have to pull my shirt up instead of down to nurse, my stomach stays totally covered. They are soft and super long(nothing worse than short length leggings on my long legs!) and offer full and complete coverage.

These Jeans: After buying and trying these jeans, I’m pretty sure I’ll never go back to jeans without a giant lycra waistband. These are basically maternity jeans that suck in your problem area. They’re glorious. And with petite, regular, AND tall lengths, they have a sit and fit for every body! (Also, that price point. Glory)

This Cardigan: My new favorite cardigan!!! It is super long and soft and comfy and POCKETS! It also has some extra fabric around the neck that make it perfect for covering up baby while they’re nursing. I have it in this gorgeous blush color, but I’m thinking I need to add some of the other colors to my closet as well. I LOVE this cardigan.

This Sweater: I have worn this sweater so, SO much since I had Finn. I even wore it during our newborn photos! It is soft and loose and stylish. You can pair it with jeggings, jeans, or leggings. It is an all around great and versatile sweater.

This Hoodie: I’ve talked about these hoodies since before I was even pregnant with Finn. I love them! They have so many color options available, but I have this pink color (along with a gray too) and I love how they’re simple and casual, but look like I tried a little bit 😉

These Slippers: Perfect for around the house and the prettiest color in person!

These Tennis Shoes: I was in the market for new tennis shoes(my feet actually got bigger this pregnancy by about half a size!) and when I saw these I was sold! The gray + gold combo had me totally swooning and now that they’ve arrived and I have been wearing them around, I can also say that they are so light and comfy. A really, really great tennis shoe.

These Boots: If you follow me on IG, you know that I’d been on the quest for the perfect gray boot. I finally found it! I got to try these boots on while we were in Arizona and I was sold instantly. They are gorgeous but so easy to wear. They go with everything and have a nice low heel that makes it easy to run around and chase little ones with. Good grief, I know I’ve already said this TWICE now, but I could totally go for more colors of these boots too!

This Nursing Bra: I was sent this bra while pregnant with Finn and wasn’t sure how much I would like it, but I LOVE it. So soft and comfortable, for wearing during the day and for sleeping in at night. Plus, non beige only options are nice every once in a while.

And This One Too: Another fantastic option for wearing around during the day but comfortable enough to sleep in at night. And the ballet pink color is so, so feminine and pretty!

This Underwear: Someone recommended this underwear to me while I was still pregnant and I am so thankful that they did! It is super stretchy and comfortable, and at $5 a pair(or sometimes less!) you won’t care if it gets ruined in those early days after baby.

I also have plans to put together posts about my favorite breastfeeding items and also my favorite newborn items too- so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those posts!

As always, you can shop anything in this post by clicking on it’s image below!

What are some of your postpartum clothing favorites?

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