Christmas In Arizona!

Even though we’re well into January, I wanted to make sure to get our Christmas documented!

We got to my parents house on the 23rd, so we had plenty of time to bake cookies and get everything ready for Santa’s arrival! He had already sent the girls a letter earlier to let them know that he knew to deliver their gifts to Phoenix and they were SO excited!

Abigail set out SO many cookies- it was hilarious. She thought maybe he’d like to take some back to the elves or Mrs. Claus 😉

When I was growing up, we always left out a can of Mountain Dew for Santa to give him a caffeine boost on his late night trip LOL. So we’ve carried on that tradition with Abigail and she has left him a can of Coke for the last two years. So fun.

Christmas morning was wonderful! The girls woke up at the same time so they came out of their room together to see what Santa had brought them!

This was Mabel’s first year to really experience Santa and it was so sweet to see Abigail excitedly take her over to her stocking first to see what Mabel had gotten before diving into her own presents.

And of course this little guy was here to enjoy all of the Christmas magic too!

The girls loved their things and took their time opening stockings, eating breakfast, playing with their new toys, and opening their gifts from Grammy & Pappy.

This picture makes me smile so big! What a great Pappy posing for our newest family photographer.

This picture was such a happy accident! Mabel was laying like this all by herself and Abigail noticed, so she hopped in and copied her. Once we saw that we knew we needed to add Finner in there too! Such a cute and impromptu moment. I loved it.

The biggest Christmas hit were the Amazon Fires from my parents. They have been so much fun figuring out how to use and they made for two very, very happy girls(and parents) on the airplane ride home!

After we were done with all of our morning stuff, Mabel got to help Grammy make a pumpkin pie for dessert to go with our Christmas dinner later that night. It was her first time to really help in the kitchen and oh my goodness, she LOVED it.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how much my girls had grown since last Christmas and now there is a little boy there too!

It was the best Christmas morning in every single way. I couldn’t have wished for more!

We spent the rest of the day playing with the girls new things, enjoying a delicious Christmas meal, and savoring the precious time we got to spend with our family! Basically, it was the very best Christmas yet!

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  1. So sweeeeet! You have the cutest family. It appears that you and your family had a nice warm fun Christmas with your parents. The Pj’s are fab. You truly have memorable pics. By the way, you look hot girl. I wish I could bounce back to my body size like you’ve done after each pregnancy.

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