September Love

September was so good to us! It started with a beach vacation, we began homeschool Kindergarten with Miss A, got back into the swing of regular things like ladies bible study, MOPS, dance lessons, and play dates, we had a visit from my grandparents, a visit from Grammy, and way too much fun in-between.
I need a place for all of these pictures, so, here is the aforementioned in-between 🙂

These girlies! It has been so much fun breaking out a new season of clothes. They’re way too much fun to dress and coordinate whenever possible. Give me all the florals, bows, and pink!

As I mentioned, my grandparents came for one more visit before heading back to Florida from Indiana, but this time they brought my Aunt with them! It was an awesome visit and we’re so glad they came. We took pictures in front of our front door again this year and we smile looking back at last years pictures, knowing now that Miss Mabel was in there too…just none of us knew it yet! 🙂

I’m sure I’ll write more in depth about this in Mabel’s 5 month update, but, for now, little girl will not go to bed at night. She naps in her crib like a champ all day long, but once darkness rolls around and she realizes we’re trying to put her to bed she’s like NO WAY. And will fight it and fight it. So we have since discovered that if we just bring her out with us, full lights, sounds, etc. out she goes(usually). We might be setting ourselves up for a nightmare later, but for now, I’ve got wine to drink and Fear The Walking Dead(which is amazing, watch it) to watch so we’re just doing whatever it takes lol.

Along those same lines, Mabel and I have been doing a goodly bit of sleeping together. Her “last” middle of the night feeding is usually between 5 and 6, so after that I pull her into bed with me to sleep until it’s time to get up for the day. Usually 730 or so. She’s so dang sweet I absolutely love it.

We’re constantly wondering what color this little girl’s eyes will be. Green? Brown? Hazel? (She was almost named Hazel, so that’s fun to think about!) On this particular day I thought they looked green, green, green!

Abigail is up in Mabel’s business ALL OF THE TIME. And it takes everything within me to not say, “Stop that!” or “Be gentle!” or “Give her space!” because the truth is, Mabel absolutely adores big sis and she lights up like a Christmas tree whenever sister plays with her or pays attention to her. So I have to just swallow hard and learn to enjoy them loving on each other!

It was 85 degrees this day. That is all.

Abigail is quite the photographer! Whenever she sees me with my phone out she asks if she can take some pictures too. She snapped this one the other day and I love it!

We finished out the month on a high note by finally joining our library. We can’t wait to utilize it lots for all of our homeschooling needs! (Or possibly just story time and the train table. We’ll see)

And that’s a wrap for September! We can’t wait to see what all October has for us this year- particularly now that we’re already a week into it….;)

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  1. Love this post. 🙂 I feel like I am always telling Cam the same things because he wants to be ALL OVER Louise 24/7. It's adorable, but I would feel horrible if he was too rough with her (because he would freak out and get upset)!

  2. I love watching the bond between siblings form. Mabel is just the sweetest looking babe. I can't wait to watch her grow. And you will love visiting the library. Story time is a huge hit in our home.

  3. oooh the sleeping thing is hard!! bummer!! both of mine so far seem to be night owls… which they get from me!! but i am so ready for them to be able to have a kids bedtime!! but then again… the cuddles are too good to complain about 🙂

  4. Stella did the same thing! She used to refuse to go to bed and we'd just put her in bed and let her watch TV. She'd even go down at like 7 and then wake up about 9, wide awake. It'll get better, promise! Love seeing these sweet pictures of sisters!

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