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The Girls

I thought it would be a lot of fun to put together a little update about Abigail and Mabel and what they are up to before little brother comes!

I took some fun photos of the girls in their adorable new matching dresses(and cat ears that they both refused to take off all day!) plus a few other random pictures, that I thought might make for a fun little post 🙂

So, these girls. Abigail is almost 7 years old, Mabel is almost 2 and a half.

Abigail is around 50 inches tall and weighs about the same(easy to remember!) She is wearing size 7/8 clothes and is either in a size 13 or size 1 shoe.

Miss Mabel is finally moving into size 3T clothes and size 8 shoes- but I have no idea how tall she is or how much she weighs! And that hair is finally long enough for pigtails- hallelujah!

Now that they’re sharing a bedroom, they both go to bed at 8:30pm(but let’s not talk about what time they ACTUALLY fall asleep) and they get up when their light turns “GREEN!” at 7:30am.

Our bedtime routine involves jammies, brushed teeth, prayers, snuggles, singing “Jesus Loves Me” together, and then leaving the room while saying, “I love you! When the light is red, stay in bed! See you in the morning when the light turns green! I love you! Muah!”

Mabel calls Super Why “why why”, Daniel Tiger “grrs”, and Mickey “kickee”

Abigail still says “Ickmediately” “Banklet” and frequently mixes up similar big words like “experiment vs experience”. She also still has the gift of turning words like, “so” into about an 8 syllable word.

Mabel calls tickles, “cookles” milk, “mulk”, Abigail is only “sissy”, and up until very, very recently Jim was still “Nana”. She was calling Finn “baby shay” but it has evolved more now to “shinn” (she says fan like “san”- so the f sound is tricky I guess?) She has started saying “no, thank you” and “bless you” when someone sneezes or coughs.

She still says “Mo” for more. “Mo song” “Mo snack”

Speaking of snacks, goldfish are “blub blubs” and she still loves her bars!

They both love going to church, going to Target, riding in the cool seated carts, going to Starbucks.

Every drive thru we go through, Mabel yells “FRENCH FRIES” the entire time. Even if it’s Starbucks.

Mabel’s favorite song is “Everyone Knows It’s Windy” and Abigail loves The Four Seasons.

Abigail does this fun thing where every time she hears a song on the radio that she likes, she’ll say “Mom, can you have Dad add that to my playlist?”

Mabel does this fun thing where every single time a song ends she’ll loudly exclaim and cheer “MO SONG! MO SONG”

They’re both absolutely obsessed with toast right now. CRUSTLESS toast, mind you. Mabel wants peanut butter toast. Abigail wants one piece buttered and one piece buttered with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

And don’t forget the ICE water. Always, always, ice water.

Abigail is still sleeping with her beloved little baby seahorse and has added one small new teddy bear to the mix.

Mabel sleeps with an entire bed full of stuffed animal babies just like Abigail did when she was her age. When I put her to bed last night she had Chip and Dale, two dogs, two bunnies, a unicorn, a bear, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, and two musical giraffes.

They both LOVE to color. Mabel loves to paint.

Abigail is constantly writing and telling stories. She just wrote a two part series(with more to come) called, “Beyond The Border” and “The Dark Side Of The Border”

She is also always, ALWAYS coming up with new business plans and ways to make money. Girlfriend wants to be RICH. But not for free(though I can’t say all of her business ideas are particularly lucrative) she has all sorts of plans to work hard and put in the time and energy into every plan she comes up with to make more dollars.

They both love to watch shows, play iPad games, and watch videos of themselves on my phone. They love to have dance parties, steal my food, run and greet Jim when he gets home from work every day with ear splitting screams and yelling. They love when their babysitters come for two hours once a week to play. They love going outside and swinging, playing bubbles, and running through our yard.

They especially love running laps around our living room furniture over and over. Mabel will say, “running! running fast!”

Mabel has crushing sorrow when she gets in trouble. Abigail has absolute tenderness when she has done something wrong.

Mabel is our little comedian- with impeccable timing. Abigail is always so brave to try new things, even though she always wants to do things just right.

These sweet girls. They light up my life. 90% of the time they get along amazingly well and are so much fun to be around and interact with- and to watch interact with each other! The other 10%…..well, that’s when I get to do the really heavy lifting :p

They are both so very excited for baby brother- Abigail especially. And I can’t wait to see how their relationship grows once he arrives and how their relationship with him grows too.

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  1. Those dresses & cat ears are everything! As is that Gathre mat. And I haven’t done a day in the life post since right before Finn was born, which is just crazy because I love them so much!

  2. adorable girls! have you listened to the “storypirates” podcast? abigail might love that one; my almost 7 year old son digs the short episodes and it inspires him to work on his stories, too.

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