Finn’s Diaper Shower

This weekend I was completely blessed and showered by my beloved church family with a special diaper shower celebration for Finn.

By the time you have baby #3 you have most of the “essentials” that you need, but the one thing that is ALWAYS needed are lots and lots of diapers. And the wonderful ladies went above and beyond for that! We will be set for quite some time with a closet filled with diapers of all sizes. Such a blessing!

They also took the time and energy to put together a wonderful food table and some great baby shower games. Baby jeopardy, baby diaper pong, and baby word scramble were all on the agenda.

One of my greatest friends makes this AMAZING chocolate cake, and she always knows that it is my favorite, so she made one for me- and personalized it with his sweet name!

They also made a “late night messages” station where you could write messages on the diapers we will be changing here in just a few short weeks!

Abigail particularly liked this station. I told her that all of the ones she decorates can be hers to change 😉

See that cactus painting? I legitimately thought someone bought it and just added Finn’s name to it. But, uh, nope. Another of my best friends painted that herself THAT MORNING and I am completely blown away by the gifts and talents that my friends possess.

I don’t have any of it, so I’m pretty lucky that I have friends who do!

Abigail is filling out her “wishes for baby” card. It is one of the sweetest things. She wished for him to always love her and to grow up to be “powerful”.

I wasn’t sure whether Abigail would want to come with me or not. I sold it to her with the options that she could either “stay home and play all afternoon” or, “come to the baby shower and act like a grown up.” She never hesitated and knew she wanted to come to that shower!

She acted like a grown up for the most part 🙂

Dress c/o PinkBlush

Before we left the house we had to make sure to snap some pictures of us in our blue dresses for baby boy! We’ve been a home filled with pink for so many years, all of this blue is new to us. But we’re so excited for it.

And now that we have a closet filled with diapers, I think we are just about ready for him to make his arrival whenever he wants to!

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  1. I had that dress in black and it was sooo comfy in those last few weeks and even a week post delivery. What a blessing for them to do this for Finn. Diapers are such a huge help!

  2. That shower is so cute! And that painting? Amazing. I’m excited for sweet Finn to come and am praying for a healthy mom and baby!

  3. I love diaper showers! You can never have too many diapers. That cake is so cute! I’m also loving the blue dresses. Baby Finn will be here soon!

  4. What a sweet party for Finn!! You’ve got wonderful friends. That cactus painting is amazing and I’d love a slice of that chocolate cake. I know I’ve said this before, but you look so pretty in that shade of blue!

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