Baby Spena Week 34

Holy cow, we’re almost to week 35! I had such a fun time rereading my week 34 Mabel update earlier this week. I’m glad to know that I haven’t changed much in the last two years- I’m feeling pretty much the same as I did with her!

I vividly remember being pregnant with Abigail and my Dr. telling me that they wouldn’t stop labor after week 35….which is Monday. So, that’s absolute madness to think about. Not that I WANT him to come now, no no no. But just that he totally could.

This week’s stats!

Symptoms: Tons of low back pain. It does this massive crack/pop every single time I get up from laying on my side or rolling over, and it hurts SO bad. I’m noticing more and more braxton hicks, definitely some swelling, lots of trips to the bathroom, and just overall feeling huge.

Apparently at my last appointment, the protein in my urine sample had gone up. It has been hanging out at 1+ but two weeks ago it went up to 2+. I had called and asked my Dr. about it and they said since my BP has been great and that I’m not swelling up that they weren’t concerned. Fortunately at my appointment yesterday it was back to 1+, so hopefully it stays there the rest of the time!

Weight Gain: Hit a new life milestone and saw a 1-7-0 for the first time ever. I talked about this enough on my Instagram account yesterday, so I’m not going to say anything more!

Cravings: After my weigh in yesterday, Chick Fil A sounded really good to me lol. So, that’s what I had. And it was good.

Size Of Baby: A cantaloupe! WHAT. 18 inches, 4.75 lbs.

Movement: So, so, so, so much movement. But I love it.

Sleep: Pretty good! I have a pretty good system of my snoogle and about five other pillows stacked around me to get me to a place where I can comfortably fall asleep and stay there. A lot of times I still wake up on my back because it really is the comfiest, but after I get up and pee(of course) I always lay back down on my side.

Clothing: Getting dressed is such a hassle these days. I swear it takes me like AT LEAST 3 or 4 tries to get an outfit put together that fits and matches and is clean. And because I’m pregnant and it’s the middle of August, there is no outfit rewearing. So that makes one be real creative.

But let’s be honest, most of the time, I’m wearing pajamas.

Oh yeah! BUT! I did get some new great pieces from PinkBlush again this week(pajamas pants, top, and a maxi dress) that instantly improved my clothing situation.

Purchases: I bought post partum underwear. So. That’s exciting.

Looking Forward To: I’m getting my hair done on Saturday morning(yayyyy) and then on Saturday afternoon the ladies from my church are throwing Finn and I a diaper shower! I’m excited to get to celebrate just him. Because he’s pretty special 🙂

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  1. So crazy to think Finn really could almost come whenever at this point! And I literally almost bought new maternity clothes yesterday since getting dressed is so hard now. But alas, I held out! Looking great and not at all 170 missy!

  2. Oh, so exciting! As I started reading this post I remembered when I saw your pregnancy announcement and I thought, “How, is it already almost time for him to come?!” Man, time flies. Praying for healthy and safe delivery!

  3. Looking gorgeous as ever!! Glad you’re both doing well. Focus on the positives and let the countdown begin. Can’t believe you’re in the final weeks. Those last week are tricky! Maybe you should do a tiny capsule wardrobe of things that fit and feel good right now. Then just rotate those outfits from now until Finn!

  4. oooh, i just can’t believe you’ll be rockin’ the PP-undies with cute little baby boy snuggles all day and all night so soon!!!! and you look so so great!!

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