Fresh 48 Photo Shoot

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of what a Fresh 48 photo shoot is, let me enlighten you! It is when you hire a photographer to come take family photos after baby is born while you are still in the hospital.

They’re decidedly different than a traditional newborn photo shoot because everything has JUST happened.

Extremely true in our case- I think our photo shoot could have been called a “Fresh 2” because he was hardly that old when Meaghan got to the hospital to take our pictures.

I really, really wanted her there to get pictures of the girls meeting him for the first time and grabbing a few pictures of us getting to know him as well. And, as you will see, he was REALLY fresh, lol! Our hospital now practices delayed bath(which I love) so he was still completely untouched and BRAND new. Wrapped up only in his name swaddle and hat (c/o Pirates And Peonies) and just totally perfect.

I’m so grateful to have these precious memories captured and I hope you love looking through them just as much as I did!

My Mom texted me when they were on their way to the hospital that she’d gotten the girls ready in the outfits that I had instructed her, but that Abigail was also wearing the party hat she had made. A big part of me wanted to have my Mom tell her to take it off because I knew it would be in all of the pictures, but I also knew that she had made that hat specifically for Finn’s birthday and for MONTHS had been planning all of the ways we were going to celebrate Finn being born- plus it is just so very, very Abigail so I let goooo and now there is a hilarious paper purple hat in all of our family pictures for eternity.

And I love it.

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  1. So sweet! I love the idea of the fresh 48, especially when there are younger siblings! The girls faces are priceless in these!

  2. I noticed the hat and was commending you in my head before I read the ending. Well done, mama!
    These pictures are beautiful!

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