The Spena Girls

If there is one(well, now two!) thing that I love to post about, it is each of my girlies. I can’t help myself. First of all, I basically spend 24/7/365 with them, so I don’t have many other things to discuss. But, second of all, have you SEEN THEM? I can’t stop taking their pictures.

So today’s post is literally just about the two of them and the random accumulation of sweet sister and singleton pictures that I have sitting around just waiting to be stored away in my digital memory book(this blog. You’re welcome)

As you can see, I CAN NOT GET ENOUGH of the sister pictures. And actually, neither can Abigail. Anytime she’s in close proximity of Mabel(always) and they’re both dressed, she’ll say, “Mom! Take a picture of us!” And since Mabel is too small to do anything about it(she’s way easier to photograph than Abigail anyway) I just snap snap away. I love it.

This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it. Mabel was less than enthused about Sister “helping” her go to sleep. I had to convince Abigail that babies actually don’t need sleeping masks to be able to fall asleep. She really didn’t want to believe me on that one….

Speaking of sleeping masks…..
My Mom sent Abigail this cute new pair of jammies and they just happened to come with a sleep mask. Which, Abigail has taken to wearing every single time she goes to bed. It is hilarious and adorable.

My ย best little shopping buddy was quite the fashionista in Target the other day. We were perusing the scarves and bags and she just had to accessorize her already fancy outfit.

I hope to be as cool as her one day. Really.

This little girl discovered her toes! Such a fun milestone. She isn’t really chewing on them much, but boy is she holding onto them anytime she can. So adorable.

We’re still living and loving Mabel’s bumbo seat and activity tray. This thing is the best baby item ever. I swear it. She hangs out in it while we do school, I fold laundry, cook dinner, plays with me and Abigail, you name it. She loves it and we love having her hang out with us while we do stuff!

Dance lessons are plugging right along! Abigail has really started to understand the format of class and isn’t a speshul snowflake anymore- if you know what I’m sayin. She listens to her teacher and is actually picking up some of the things she is teaching(instead of just dancing around like a crazy person).

Another day, another ten million sister pics.

Oh yes- so. Abigail has started “doing her hair” in the mornings. She “washes” it with a wet washcloth and she “brushes” it with a comb(though she informed me she used her toothbrush the other day. what.) and then puts a random bow of the day into it.

I don’t have the heart to squelch her little grown up independent spirit…soooo I’m just letting her do her hair thing.

Like I was saying, Mabel is so much easier to photograph than the almost five year old. Her grin slays me.
And as if the sister pictures weren’t enough, how about a sister comparison picture?! 5 months old, same bow, sittin in a bumbo seat. I feel like you can already see the Abigail “I have zero intentions of moving anytime soon” vibe and the Mabel “Oh hey Mama. I’m a feisty one who is about to be on the move way sooner than you’re ready for” vibe in both of their faces. Do you see it too?
Of course, if you want to see these little ladies as soon as I post about them, be sure to follow me on Instagram! I also use the hashtag #SpenaSisters for pictures of the both of them ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Such sweet sister girls! I love Mabel's happy smile & her outfit in the last picture. And then Ms. Abigail. I hope to be as cool as her, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. you will absolutely have! to take a picture of them on November 5th!! (Katie will be 3 ?… your Abigail 5!!) because Abigail will be 5 years and Mabel will still be 5 months. A super cute moment to capture.
    And a good excuse for more sissy pictures.

  3. Mabel is such a happy little baby! Her little face is just begging to be kissed all over! And I see their little personality differences in that comparison picture at the bottom. ha. Also, you make me want to get that little activity table/tray for Oliver's bumbo seat! I think he really might "need" it. haha ๐Ÿ™‚ Love this post!!

  4. totally cracking up at the sleeping mask for the baby! so cute and so funny! My fav pic is them just chillin on the front porch! Glad she loves dance class – these little girls in tutus are just so sweet!

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