Spena Baby Week 38

Stick a fork in me.
I am done.
The body is officially O-V-E-R it these days. The grunting, groaning, and waddling has taken over my entire existence and let’s face it, things just aren’t that cute anymore. I’m happy to keep her cooking away because I still have things to do(and hello, Grammy isn’t here yet) but woof. Whenever she finally comes, it will be mostly welcome 😉
Weight Gain | Held steady at 167 this week. Someone reward me with an ice cream cone.
Belly Button | Still an innie! Nice!
Rings | I’ve decided to bid adieu to the rings until the little lady makes her official appearance. I miss them!
Stretch Marks | Yeah, yeah, yeah, a few new stragglers have joined the party.
Symptoms | Goodbye my ankle bones. See you in a few weeks. My feet and ankles are swollen, my hands slightly less. The peeing. oh sweet fancy moses you wouldn’t believe the amount of peeing I’m doing. Braxton hicks. Major increase in discharge(ew). Some cramping. Lightning crotch(google it. It’s real). Waddling.
Size Of Baby | A leek or a pumpkin.
Around 7 lbs and 19-20 inches long!
Or, as Abigail said to her earlier this week, “Mabel. You’re making Mama’s tummy really big and round. You’re all grown up in there!”

Movement |
Oh this girl. Partying all the time. Because she’s so low she can’t quite reach my rib cage #sucker. So, she’s taking it out on me by punching me in the vagina all the time. It’s been fun, kids.
Sleep | Within the last week or so my barely peeing once a night has ramped up to, no lie, like 4/5 times a night. I told Jim that I feel like it’s the same as the newborn stage. The first wake up you’re all, “this is no big deal! I’m good!” and then by the third and fourth wake up you’re just like “WHY ARE MY EYES OPEN RIGHT NOW THIS IS TORTURE”
Just to go pee. Redonk.
Clothing |
I shared a bare belly pic last week so what the heck, here’s another one. Jim has these ridiculous shorts. I call them his “thanksgiving pants” because they’re all cottony and billowy and huge. So, naturally I snatched them out of his closet and have been wearing them every day since. I sent him this picture asking if he minded that I was taking them. Fortunately, he was quite understanding.
Nursery | We were about to order the part online to convert our chair into a rocker for around $100 when Jim went on his week long business trip to North Carolina and discovered that the plant there makes the EXACT part and sold it to him for $15. All we had to do was pay to have it shipped to us. It arrived today so a converted chair is in my near future!
Purchases | I ordered these swaddling blankets from Little Unicorn. I mean, how gorgeous are they?! They’ll be so perfect for my little summer baby.
Can’t Wait For | Getting my hair and nails done this week! The rest of me might be a hot mess but at least those two things will be on point. I guess Mabel is allowed to come after that :p


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  1. I love those swaddled! I'll have to remember them for adoption #3 (unless God finds favor in us and blesses us with a pregnancy)

    And um hellos awesome deal for your rocking chair part! I forgot to tell you how much I love the coral color in the crib! Where and what color?? You know I'm obsessed.

    Hair and nails are where it's at! Hopefully girlfriend waits until after your appointments!!

  2. I always call my stretchy pants "Thanksgiving Pants!" Love friends! I can't wait for you! lol! I am going to swoon over Mable's every picture…just warning you! lol

  3. Girl, I totally hear you. I am feeling the exact same way. The other night, I fell asleep on the toilet when I got up to pee. It was ridiculous. 😛

    Haha, I LOVE that Abigail said that. Too funny. I can't wait to meet Ms. Mabel!

  4. So close!!! Hang in there! You look great!
    And I remember the day I had to forego the wedding rings. I was SO sad! But it just means you are getting so, so close to meeting Miss Mabel!

  5. Lightening crotch – I had no idea there was a term for that, but yep, I feel your pain (literally).
    The pee – always peeing. I joke (halfheartedly) that I spend a majority of my days and nights making trips to the bathroom.
    That belly pic is adorable!

  6. You look fantastic! No matter how many women I have seen carrying babies, it's still amazing what our bodies can do! Stay strong in the last weeks of pregnancy! Hope you are feeling well!

  7. Lol at lightning crotch. That's the worst! I always thought it felt like their little finger nail scraping it's way out. So close mama. 🙂

  8. Your symptoms and sleep are just about exactly like mine. Oi. I just want to sleep through the night for once before the baby comes and I won't be able to sleep through the night again for a year [or three…]! But you are so so close! I can't wait for you to meet Miss Mabel and to see her little face.

    Enjoy your pampering sessions!

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