Baby Spena Week 36

Wow- this last week has been jam packed with all things baby related!

We took our maternity photos on Friday night, and while I was kind of dreading how “late” we were going to be taking them (because let’s be real, I feel mammoth) Meaghan worked her magic as always (at least according to the two sneak peeks she has given me so far!) and I’m so, so glad I had her take these pictures. (and that I let Laura convince me to do them for the first time ever!)

We added the finishing touches to Finn’s nursery, so it is officially DONE!

Oh, and I had my first internal exam yesterday.

So hey, I guess we’re actually having a baby sometime soon, eh?

This week’s stats!

Progress: Because I’m nosy and want to know other people’s business, I will share mine with you- currently 1-2 dilated and 50% effaced. We shall see how things go next week!

Symptoms: Lots and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, lots and lots of trips to the bathroom, feeling huge, feeling heavy and waddle-y, swollen hands, swollen feet, swollen ankles.

Weight Gain: Up another few pounds….woof. Clocking in at 173, +33

Cravings: Jim might have made me some chocolate chip cookie dough at 10:15 a few nights ago.

Size Of Baby: Papaya, Head Of Romaine Lettuce, Large Cantelope? Lots of options! 6 pounds and 18.5 inches long! No wonder I’m waddling…..

Movement: Oh heavens. SO much of that! He’ll be kicking me in my ribs and scraping/poking me in my…..lower regions and it’s like DUDE get out of there. Yep.

Sleep: Pretty good! I’m late to bed typically but then sleep mostly through with only a bathroom trip or two(because I’m sleeping HARD) and then most days I take an afternoon nap.

Clothing: I have another few new PinkBlush items on their way to me! Some more comfy pj pants and a few tunics that will hopefully be great for pairing with leggings in the postpartum phase!

Purchases: I’m looking to buy a new corset/binder for post partum- does anyone have any recommendations? I have a belly bandit that I used with the girls, but I’m worried it might be too small for me at the beginning this time around, so I need a different style to get me started for a while until I can fit into that one.

Looking Forward To: September! Officially baby month!!!

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  1. Now I could be totally wrong but Im not waddling this pregnancy and its kinda weirding me out (maybe thats my non-dilation problem haha!!) So Im thinking I need to get off my butt and do more walking. I saw a super cool binder, Ill find the link and send it to you!
    GORGEOUS maternity pictures ?

  2. The rib and groin kicks are for real!! I love feeling baby move inside (I’m 35 weeks) by I’m also ready to have my body back and a squishy baby to cuddle and kiss! You?

    1. Thank you, Jessica! I haven’t seen the full photo of that one but I like to imagine that we’re both blinking and looking ridiculous but it is expertly cropped HA.

    1. I’m dying to see the rest of the pictures!! I want to get printing them!!! 🙂

      And yes- hopefully the nursery will be up by next week!

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