4 Months Of Finn

Mr. Finn is 4 months old now! It’s crazy to me, I had a bit of a moment the other day because I was reading something about fevers and baby and it stated something about if your baby is “3 months or younger” and I suddenly realized he didn’t fit in that category anymore. He is older!

Finn still continues to be the happiest, sweetest, laid back little fella and we are all completely taken with him!

Finn’s 4 Month Stats!

Size: One hefty baby! At his 2 month check up, he was hanging out in the 25% percentile for weight. By 4 months? He has blasted up to the 75th! (No wonder none of his clothes fit him anymore….)

He clocked in at 16 lb 9 oz and almost 26 inches long. (for comparison, Abigail was 15 lb 8 and Mabel was 15 lb 3)

I currently have him in size 6-9 clothes, but even some of those are snug(particularly sleepers with zippers. Thunder thighs!) so 6-12 seems to be better and anything I’m buying now is 9-12 because I know he’ll fit in them like…tomorrow.

Breastfeeding: As you can see, our nursing relationship is going strong lol! He has gotten way more efficient and eats much faster. It probably takes him ten minutes to finish nursing, every three hours or so.

He has been spitting up a lot, just like his sister Abigail always did. (seriously….he is so much like her….) But it doesn’t seem to bother him, it’s just messy for everyone involved (so. much. laundry)

Sleep: 4 months is turning out to be a tricky one! We had gotten into an amazing groove with him sleeping in his Snuggle Me Organic in his crib in his room. But Mr. Man has recently decided to try and start rolling over, so I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him in it(or his swaddle) anymore. So he is currently “learning” how to sleep with one arm out and without his pillow……so far, it isn’t going great. He is taking longer to fall asleep, wakes up frequently, and takes longer to settle back down. We(but me especially!) are hoping he gets used to it soon, because I’m really missing my nap times to give my attention to the girls (and also my nighttime sleep….)

Loves: Well, apparently he loved his Snuggle Me Organic a whole lot….but since that’s gone now, he loves the Rock N Play, nursing, his sisters, trying to watch T.V., bath time, patty cake, his baby gym, being held upright and looking around.

Hates: Not much, but when he does, he sure lets you know about it! He isn’t a big fan of being burped, having to wait ten seconds to change sides while nursing, he doesn’t *love* his paci- he just kind of tolerates it….but that’s all I can really think of!

Places He Has Been: Phoenix, Arizona for Christmas! Kansas City. The mall. Church. CC. And not much else because we’re hiding from the cold and sick people.

Personality: So, so laid back and chill. Happy. Sweet. Not super snuggly. Finally starting to find his voice- and use it lots!

Who He Looks Like:  Hands down he looks just like Abigail. He reminds me so, so, so much of baby Abigail! Every once in a while he will make a face or do something just right with his mouth to look like Mabel, but usually it’s all Abigail. With a lot of Jim in him too. His eyes and that hair!

Comparison Pictures!

Happy 4 Months, little buddy!

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  1. He & Kane are nearly the exact same weight; too funny! And I seriously hate hate hate the 4 month sleep regresssion. And my kids never recover from it. So I’ll Just be tired or the next two years.

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