10 Months Of Mabel!

Miss Mabel, you are 10 months old today! I simply can’t believe it. Every single night when I hold you and put you to bed I tear up at the realization of how much quicker all of this is passing with you. I remember how big your sister seemed at this age, but how little you still seem to me. I’m not sure which perception is the most accurate, but I do know that you are rapidly approaching a 1st birthday and that is just shocking to me. You are so much fun and we all just love you so stinking much!

Let’s see what you’ve been up to this month! IMG_2407Size: I’m not sure how tall you are or how much you weigh, but I do know that you’ve had a growth spurt since your last monthly update since you are now ready and moving into size 12-18 month(YES) clothes and are regularly putting your size 4 diapers to shame. So, size 5 here we come! You’re also in a size 3 shoe. We moved you up to your new color of moccasins this month and are loving dressing up in new bows, clothes, and shoes! IMG_2414Eating: Food has been SO fun this month! You are eating absolutely everything that we are. We love watching you chow down on the same foods that we’re enjoying. Some of your favorites are beans(any kind), taco meat, deli meat, hamburgers, mandarin oranges, and blueberries.

You’re still nursing around the clock! You nurse around 5x a day and then anywhere from 1-3x at night. I absolutely love it and hope that we can continue for many more months to come. IMG_2415Sleep: Just recently, and I mean RECENTLY you have started to occasionally do the LONG sleep through the night. The put to bed at 7 and not wake until 7 sleep through the night. Which is always shocking! But, before most recently, you would typically go to bed at 6:30, wake up around 10/11 to nurse, around 3, around 5/6, and then be up for the day around 7/8.

Napping goes pretty well! If we’re home you take two good naps in your crib. If we’re out and about you usually take one big afternoon nap and one itsy bitsy car nap.

We’ve started using a sound machine this month and that seems to help a bit. (Probably also the fact that we finally hung a curtain panel in one of your windows)IMG_2419You are still officially the happiest baby on the planet! You are so calm and go with the flow.

You either smile so hard you couldn’t possibly smile any harder, or you are a total stone face. There is hardly any in between! IMG_2420This month you have really taken off with baby signing! You have been signing for “milk” for a while, but now you are signing for “more” and have started regularly waving hello and goodbye as well. You also have started clapping, especially when we sing “if you’re happy and you know it” and love to do “So, big!” Which, melt my heart! IMG_2424Movement: Still not much in the moving department. You have finally started to bear weight on your legs more and more when we’re holding you up and you have started scooting around the wood floor. You’ve figured out how you can slide around and get to some things that you want- but we’re mostly still figuring out what might motivate you the most 😉 IMG_2428Loves: Basically anything and everything! You love to eat and you love to nurse. You love to sit and play and be carried around. You love car rides and riding in the cart and being a part of daily life. You love to snuggle and be held and put down to play by yourself. You love your family unit! You love(I mean, LOVE) your pacifiers and you love your crib. IMG_2429Dislikes: I honestly can’t think of any dislikes! Other than food- bananas, avocados, and applesauce have all been no-go’s.IMG_2433

^A classic Mabel stone face^IMG_2440You still have your hemangioma on the side of your eye. People ask now and again if you fell(funny, considering you don’t move) or did something to hurt yourself. But we always just explain that it is your special birthmark! It still doesn’t seem to be growing any differently than how it was when you were very first born- and honestly, we all really love it about you! IMG_2441
You also still have greenish brown eyes and absolutely ZERO teeth! IMG_2445When I snapped this picture I had just told her “no, no” because she was starting to reach for the outlet. Lol!IMG_2448

This age is absolutely SO much fun! So interactive. Learning new things every day. The snuggles are voluntary, the communication is real, and the little personalities bursting forth are so much fun to discover. We positively ADORE our sweet little 10 month old Mabesy and can not wait to see what this next month holds for her! (Maybe some crawling?? Just Maybe??)


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  1. She is JUST PRECIOUS!!! I believe that she’s the happiest baby!!! Random question about eating….do you spoon feed her, or does she just pick up the beans and meat and chow? Louise WILL NOT EAT ANYTHING! So jealous!

  2. Oh my goodness, she is adorable! I just love the little glimpses of her personality that shows through in these pictures. It sounds like she’s just a wonderful little baby and I wish she and Oliver could play together – he’d roll around on the floor to get her a toy 🙂 And this age is the best; I love seeing their personality develop and I love that you can see how much they are learning. I only just started doing signs with Oliver – maybe he’ll catch on like she has! Love this post!

  3. When I read on IG earlier that Mabsey is 10 months, I thought to myself. NO! She can’t be! That means Nancy is older than 10 months. Sigh!!! Time is flying. And my new favorite Mabel pic is the one above “happiest baby on the planet” because…OMG.

  4. Oh my goodness. She is the sweetest.
    So funny that all Mabel’s no-go foods are the ones I can’t shovel fast enough into Julia’s mouth.
    I’d love for Mabel to teach Julia the art of sitting. In turn Julia could give pointers on a successful and speedy army crawl.
    Happy 10 Months, Mabel!!

  5. Holy Mabel! She’s almost one?!?! Yeesh, where did that year go? She is just such a doll. Her cheeks are made for some squeezing. I always had the best intentions to do baby signing and I always dropped the ball, grrr.

  6. I loved reading about what Mabel is currently up to, but I loved the pictures even more! She’s got such personality and I love her poses. The fact that she’s perfectly content to just hang out and observe, her happy hands and her sweet little expressions are priceless. Great job capturing her cute little self before she gets busy!

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