Spena Baby Week 17

I missed the week 16 update and picture. Other than being minutely smaller and talking about feeling sick and vomiting, we didn’t miss much. The very very very best parts of pregnancy are rapidly approaching and I’m just so thrilled about it.

I remember how week 18 was a huge turning point in my pregnancy with Abigail. I finally started feeling like myself again, we found out she was a girl, and I was regularly feeling kicks. It all became so much more real and amazing and I’m ecstatic that we’re almost to that place again!

My little photog was back at it this week! Way to go taking week 17 pictures, Miss A!
Weight Gain | Up 4 pounds since my last appointment, bringing up the total weight gain so far to 6 lbs. I feel like that’s a pretty good number to have gained this far, right? I lost with Abigail initially, so never losing and only gaining from the start has me kind of thinking…whoa boy, might need to keep an eye on the poundage situation. But then again, who really cares 🙂

Symptoms | Still puking! Still hating life around dinner time every night. I thought that I was beyond it once I hit second trimester but nope. I just had a couple good days there that had me fooled. Fortunately I’m not puking every single day, but it’s still happening enough that it isn’t over yet. Otherwise, I’m feeling way way better during the rest of the day.

Cravings/Aversions | My favorite pregnancy foods are mac and cheese and cereal. Exactly the same as with Abigail.

I mean, I like those foods okay when I’m not pregnant but they’re my total go to foods when I am pregnant. Buy stock in Annie’s and General Mills, we’ve got months to go, kids.

Missing Most | Nothing this week. I’m just really really happy and thankful.

Size of Baby |

An onion/turnip!

Over 5 inches long and 5.9 oz

Movement | Yes, yes, yes. I’ve been feeling flutters for at least a week or two now, but recently they have become unmistakable. There is absolutely a little person in there thumping away at me and the realization of that is enough to make me tear up every single time it happens.

Sleep | Good! I asked my Dr. this week how big of a deal it is for me to not sleep on my side. I always start on my side with a pillow between my legs and every.single.time I wake up I’m totally sprawled out completely on my back. She said not to worry for now, that things are still too small to be worrisome and that once I’m bigger I could try putting a pillow behind me so that if I roll over at least I’ll still be a little bit inclined.

Which reminds me, has anyone used a bump nest or ginormous pillow like that? Recommend? Yes, no?

Clothing | Hallelujah for maternity pants. I might be sick of them come May(although I’ll have probably switched to Maxi’s and dresses come then) but boy are they fabulous now. Elastic is my BFF. I’m still wearing mostly regular tops, but the pants are all the way full panel maternity.

Gender | We have a date! The big ultrasound is scheduled for December 29th! Just like I’d hoped, we get to find out before the end of the year 🙂 I’m not sure when I’ll share on the blog yet(because I have to put together something fun OF COURSE) but you’ll know shortly after we do!

As far as predictions, man. I have no idea. I’m the worst at guessing. I remember being SO sure that Abigail was a girl, that when the tech said, “Girl” I remember thinking, well of course it’s a girl. This time, I really started out thinking boy, but now I’m just not sure! I think I’m stuck at evenly split and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to cast an official vote one way or the other before the ultrasound.

Speaking of- there is a new poll in the top right corner of the home page! Make sure you go vote!

Hubby | He has had a few hilarious zingers recently. And because I love the man, I have to share them.

When we were in Rome, one day I thought I was looking particularly pregnant. So I asked him if he agreed, to which he said, “If I didn’t know you, I’d never say anything.” Lol. I was thinking great, everyone will be watching me walk around Rome thinking I’m just sticking my gut out.

Then a week or so later(apparently thinking of the previous conversation) he said something to the effect of, “You don’t look fat anymore. You really look like there’s a baby in there!” Those men. What a way with words!

But other than the silly two comments, he’s been amazing. He occasionally stops to rub my belly which just makes me want to melt into a giant puddle. He rubs my feet. He is still mostly taking care of the house on top of everything else he does. He’s amazing.

Best Part Of The Week | My dr’s appointment yesterday! My OB let Abigail help her hear the baby which was just absolutely precious(It may have had something to do with Abigail pretend reading a hospital brochure and saying out loud just as the Dr came in, “The Dr. always knows what is best!”) I am so thankful for her and that she let her do that. It really took more time than if she had just done it herself and it was so sweet for my mama heart to let her be involved like that. They pulled up a chair and she stood by the table. Then she got to squeeze the gel onto my belly and then put the Doppler in it to find the heartbeat. The Dr. let her hold it while she counted the beats(still hanging at 150!) and explained that the swishing sound was the baby wiggling all over and the thumping sound was it’s heart. Precious!

Can’t Wait For | December 29th of course!! Maybe I should call and warn my credit card company that no one has stolen my credit card, I’m just going to be doing some major shopping. Ha! I kid, I kid…mostly 🙂


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  1. Glad things are going well. I'm sorry you're still feeling sick. I kind of feel the same…. it just depends on the day. Jealous of those who magically feel better in trimester two! Can't wait to find out what you're having!


  2. I love maternity pants too! Do not even worry about the weight gain! I gained 37 pounds with Kennedy and was so stressed about not sticking to the 25-30 pound rule but my dr said I was very healthy and not to worry. I think it's when you gain way over that it's a problem.

  3. Can't wait to hear what ya'll are having! Sucks you're still feeling crummy in the evenings. Hopefully you reach that sweet spot soon! Such a sweet moment you shared in the doc's office with the doppler. How did you not flood he room with tears?!

  4. Yay! Love reading these updates. We're 32 weeks along with our second (after two miscarriages between #1 and this one so, I was all the feels when you announced your pregnancy! ) and would TOTALLY recommend bump nest. We ordered it here in Finland, and even with paying the extra shipping it's been worth it. After several weeks of use, it still is doing the trick (I have to fluff it up occasionally,) It totally beats the 20 pillow problem. Praying you start to feel better soon!

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